Beauty: The Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

Okay first beauty product review for my blog and I am just completely blown away by this product. I first heard about this beauty product from another beauty blogger named Michelle Phan. And I did not realise how in demand this product was until I was actually looking for it. I got mine while I was vacationing 600 kilometres away from my hometown. Could you imagine how crazy that was? I almost gave up but when I randomly visited a branch while in Baguio it was there.

Skin Food has been known to incorporate the nutritional value of food to beauty products so you know its good for you. The Black Sugar Mask Wash Off is exactly what the product name is you just put in your freshly cleansed face avoiding the lip and eye area and let it stay for 10-15 minutes before washing with warm water.

The mask looks like pasty sugar granules with vitamins, minerals and other good stuff for your skin. If you have super sensitive skin you can add a little bit of water or toner to soften the granules when it hits your skin.

Skin Food Black Sugar Mask

Black Sugar Mask on Skin

Its best to wash it with warm water cause I feel like it helps to remove the stickiness and just fully completes the process. I love how it leaves my face feeling really soft and I believe it whitens it too because of the exfoliating factor of the scrub.

I use it twice a week during my night time face rituals I sneak it in there after cleansing or before a bath. Another good thing about this product is that its so easy and convenient to use and the pay off is instant. One thing I noticed though is that my skin tends to be dry after use so you should proceed with your other skin routine afterwards. My skin also became oilier after a couple of days using but that might be from the anti- aging qualities of the product which tends to moisturise the skin. And now I think this is where the other varieties of the product come to play as there is a Strawberry and Honey versions which I have not tried but adding those ingredients to the mix will definitely have something beneficial for your skin. I remember asking one of the sales ladies about the difference of the strawberry from the original one and she said the strawberry works well for oilier skin types and the original one is goof for anti aging.

So I hope that this review helped and I have been using this product once or twice a week for 6 months and I truly notice that the kin on my face has tightened and people are noticing it too. The price is not too expensive and it works but it might take a while to find this product but just be patient cause it is worth it!

You can buy this product by going to this affiliate link: Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Wash Off 100g/Made in Korea

DISCLAIMER: I paid for this product personally for personal use and wanted to share my experience with everyone by using this product.

Pink Notes: I Miss Blogging

I have had this website for the longest time and I remember having my own [dot]com was like a teenage dream of mine. So when I finally had a job I finally purchased my own domain and I actually had high hopes for it. True enough, I had found some of the nicest people through Twitter and blogging and its just inspiring how they are so creative with their thought processes, creativity and just putting it out there for the world to see. I got caught up in real life and sadly enough I wilted away from writing. It was a matter of choice between being able to get enough sleep or staying up late and not being able to function well for work.

Also I think I got scared of writing. I became so critical of it. It doesn’t help that you go through an English exam and your lowest grade is writing that was a huge insult for me considering this was probably the most practiced skill I had after being out of the university for 8 years. I did pass those exams but you know you just had high hopes I was expecting that I would be worse at maybe speaking or listening. But then again its formal written English so that is a whole different story.

I am trying to overcome my fear and here I am revisiting my blog. It has been lonely and truthfully this is not how I envision my blog  (does anyone even call it a blog anymore?). So I am tapping my inner teenager when I was visualising what I would do with this. This was supposed to include my adventures in anything and everything I love. I shall document my travels, food trips, shopping find and my love for makeup and maybe I can dabble back to writing and just any of my random and crazy thoughts and who knows I may get to inspire someone.

Its actually very therapeutic to write. I am glad I kept this up and running because this has like my own personal timeline and it reminded me of how much I have grown as person and it reminded me of how I used to be and what I can become.

Keep moving forward…

Pink Bonnet Girl

Pink Notes: I’m NOT Perfect

I was privileged enough to be a part of a campaign initiated by my good friend Tammy from The Life of the Live.Love.Laugh Girl called #ImNotPerfect a declaration of embracing imperfection and this could not come in a perfect time. I think that every one has their moments of not feeling pretty enough, not being confident enough, or simply just not doing enough… sad to say nothing is ever enough for anyone.

I cannot help but be critical of myself and let us face it there is always a lot of room for self doubt when you have a low self esteem. They just creep right in and before you know it, it eats you up from the inside. I have been a countless victim of this scenario over and over. I know you should give yourself more credit, you can do it but the truth is it is easier said than done.

I just think that people need that release, that opportunity and chance to acknowledge their imperfections and hardships. It does not make them less of a person for doing so. We are allowed to commit mistakes but the important thing is we learn from it and eventually overcome it. We all deal with it differently and we want to acknowledge our imperfections and sometimes that is all it takes to be able to move forward and get on with our lives.

So here I am declaring my imperfections

I'm NOT Perfect

I’m NOT Perfect

Thank you so much Tammy for such an empowering and therapeutic project. It was such a pleasure to do this project and you made me write again. Cheers to you and to the rest of the lovely lot who has supported this cause.

Pink Notes: Relief Packages

We went to the grocery warehouse to canvass and look at items we can use for our relief package. We set on a price of Php 200 per relief pack so we were there going through lanes discussing what is feasible for their everyday survival. We even talked to workers there asking them and their opinions since most of them grew up in provinces similar to those hard hit by the typhoon.

I didn’t really think that a trip to the grocery store would be such an eye opener. I was there standing staring at rows and rows of canned goods with five to six kinds of corned beef choosing which is the best but still with a good value for the money. I just felt so guilty because on a regular day if I wanted corned beef I’d have a specific brand in mind pull it out of the shelf and drop it in the cart.

It makes you wonder the simple everyday things that you decide on became a decision that will depend on someone’s survival. I literally had tears in my eyes at that moment. It overwhelmed me at first but it fueled my desire to help even more. That’s why I’m so passionate about this cause thousands of people are depending on our help.

It’s so nice to see that I go to different grocery stores and see people just like me buying goods for donations… there is still a lot of kindhearted people around doing their part to help our kababayans. There is still faith in humanity.

Php 200.00 ($5) can go a long way it can give a person 2 liters of clean water, 6 packs of noodles, 5 canned goods, variety of biscuits, instant coffee mix, 2 toothbrushes, toothpaste, bar soap and a laundry soap.

Thank you to the generosity of our Rotary Club members and some of my family and friends we have been able to collect a substantial amount for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. With this we would be able to start making our relief packages to be sent to Central Philippines.


Pink Notes: Typhoon Haiyan & Helping Out

The super typhoon Haiyan hit us last November 8 and nobody could have been prepared with the wrath of that magnitude. Manila was pardoned from this great tragedy and was left intact. But a lot of people from Central Visayas were greatly affected by this event. The devastation is unexplainable and seeing the news and the people is so heart breaking.

As I see more news coming in from the devastated areas my urge to help grew stronger. I knew I had to do something. This was important and actions need to be taken.

Currently I am affiliated with the Rotary Club of Mandaluyong North and we are finding ways on the best way to help out. We have sought solicitations from our members and the money collected will be used to buy goods needed for everyday existence such as food and water. We are also encouraging them to look into their closet and donate some of their old clothes.

These items will then be collected together with the other clubs of Rotary within our district and will then be sent directly to the victims of the typhoon.

With this post I wish I could encourage others to help out or spread awareness about the situation. A lot of help is coming in but the recovery from this situation is a long process and they need all the help that they could get.

To my friends overseas thank you for your concern I was overwhelmed with countless messages asking how I was and to everyone I greatly appreciate you taking time to check on me and my family. Our friendships go beyond our bond over books and stories and forever I am grateful for these relationships.

Let us all do our part to help out. Every action will go a long way. Let us all try and make a difference.

Ways To Help

Ways To Help via our Rotary Club

Random Ramblings: The Distance

In a world with millions of people

The universe seems to play around us

Our fate intertwined

Meeting in an unexpected circumstance

I stumbled upon you

The bodies of water are the distance between us

Both on other sides of the globe

We live on the same planet

But it has been quite unforgiving

Day time awaits me

When you are about to sleep

The sun rises amidst the blue skies

While the moon glistens above you

Hot and humid air breezes upon me

While snow falls and tingles your skin

Time and space are our boundaries

But nothing will keep us apart

Our friendship


Interactive conversations

Poetry and writings we share

And the distance

Will forever bind us together

(c) from the Random Ramblings of the Adventures of Pink Bonnet Girl

Random Ramblings: Right Here Waiting

Memories of long time ago

Left you feeling abandoned and alone

The scar still fresh and pounding

Every time it throbs gives you moments of aching

You feel alone and deserted

That you do not seem to matter

Life in a bad cycle

Moments of depression

An avalanche of darkness

Falling into your shoulder

I wish you could see the good in you

How loving, sweet and caring you are

You bring me so much happiness

But every time there is this instance of darkness

It tugs my heart and we keep falling apart

You withdraw from me

You leave me hanging

You turn into this brick wall

I want to be there for you

In that moment of darkness

To hold your hand

And to comfort you

I give you that space for you to mourn

Let out that misery

You have been holding onto for so long

I hope that you find what you are looking for

The moment of clarity

The light in all these blackness

Happiness for the days to come

And when you do…

I will still be right here waiting for you.

(c) from the Random Ramblings from The Adventures of Pink Bonnet Girl

Random Ramblings: Push and Pull

We laid all our cards

No pretentions, no lies

Things vivid and clear

Now shuffled to a big mess

Our cards not dealing our fate

We poured our hearts

Open and freely

Expressing and feeling every emotion

Now were gushing and bleeding

Our hearts out of sync

We have become this vicious cycle

Of lightness and darkness

Happiness and sadness

Laughter and tears

From talking to unbearable silence

A constant push and pull

The tugging of strings

Is this what we have become?

The constant tearing

Breaking each other apart

(c) from the Random Ramblings of The Adventures of Pink Bonnet Girl 

Random Ramblings: Avalanche of Darkness

Descends slowly

Hangs in the air

A feeling of impending doom

Like a never ending rain

Overwhelming filled to the brim

The experience of failure or loss

Clouds the mind

Like an avalanche of darkness

On downward spiral

An inward pain

Creating distance


With deep discouragement

Falling to an abyss of the unknown

Sinking lower

Trying to find light

To this negative cycle

(c) from the Random Ramblings of The Adventures of Pink Bonnet Girl

Random Ramblings: Until Morning Comes

I just want to be with you.

To be in your arms would be wonderful.

My mouth in your neck feeling your soft skin on my lips.

As you give me kisses I breathe on your skin. 

Gently I touch you as I start to feel the warmth embracing us

I kiss you on your mouth and then your neck,

Reaching under your shirt and bra,

Feeling your hard nipples between my fingers…

I give out small moans as you start to feel me.

My breathing becomes slow but heavy…

Wanting to feel every inch and part of you.

Moving down feeling it through the cloth…

You feel my lips wet ready and waiting for you

You lay down on your back, naked, and open your legs wide.

Letting me push it in, into your wet, warm, tight place.

I let out a groan and arch my back with your every push.

I say your name wanting you more deeper inside me…

Deeper and deeper…

Until we come… Together…

You rest your head on to mine as we slowly catch our breath.

You look at me as I smile shyly. My skin flushed and warm.

Then we hold each other until morning comes…

(c) from the Random Ramblings of The Adventures of Pink Bonnet Girl