The Law of Attraction, Slacking Off, Watching TV Series & Movies and Uncertainties

Okay I have been battling myself to post an entry here in my blog ever since I got home but all I have are like series or numbers of drafts and in the end I do not post it. It was as if the post I created were senseless.

Ever since I got back I have been literally slacking off. In a way I felt it was justified after hearing I passed the exam and like what I said that exam was super hard. Then since movies in the US are kind of expensive (I mean if I convert it to Philippine Peso its so unreasonable) I missed out on a lot of movies. Thank God for the cheap movies and the you know what here I have been catching up and been watching DVD’s for the past 2 weeks. Even on TV Series since I was studying I didn’t get the chance to watch all the shows I liked and now I am catching up on previous seasons. I already finished Grey’s Anatomy Season 3 and Halfway done on Nip/Tuck Season 4, The OC Season 4 and My Name is Earl Season 2 next on the line is Heroes, Ugly Betty and House MD Season 3.

I have yet to prepare to retake Test 3 and 5 of the Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam on December. I really feel bad in retaking this because I know I shouldn’t be. I mean I passed it fair and square and now our batch gets to pay for the selfish actions of others its so unfair. If this just hadn’t blown up in proportion none of this would have happened. But there is nothing I can do I mean I should just learn to accept it and move on the more I feel bad about this the harder it would be for me to study. I just find it nervewracking to take this test again its so unpredictable.

At the same time I am trying my luck on finding work abroad. I thought that after taking the NCLEX-RN exam it would be a lot easier for me. A big weight has been lifted definitely but there is something about being uncertain for my future that freaks me out a little bit. I am in the process of making my resume to try out my luck for sponsorships and work. Now I have come to realize that as much as there are so many demands for nurses it does not seem that a lot sponsor nurses or if there are they have so many restrictions.

Aside from the fact that I have so much idle time in my hands I really have minor stuffs to deal with. I have been slacking off and well I haven’t had the guts to ask my dad to teach me how to improve my driving skills. I mean I can drive but after being in the US for 5 months and well seeing the roads here in Manila really scared the hell out of me when I got back. Literally I was shouting when I saw the jeepneys and buses swerve like crazy it takes some getting used to I guess.

I need to fix my Internet its too freaking slow so hopefully within the month the broadband thing can be finalized. I have no idea which company is the best to use but I need a faster internet. I cannot seem to get anything done with dial-up its frustrating.

Oh yeah I started on reading The Secret. I know its pretty late cause the hype with the book was few months ago. I actually heard this from my dad when he texted me about it while I was in the US. And one day I was at Costco looking around with my mom and then I saw the book so I got it and had it sent over to my Dad here in Manila. I was under the impression that he wanted to read it but then only to find out he wanted me to read it so that I would be inspired. So given the time in my hands I decided to read the book before sleeping or when I get tired of watching TV. I have to admit I had my reservations in reading the book cause it seemed so serious. I am only at the beginning and its very promising… I am really hoping that this book will shed light on me since I have so many uncertainties in my head.

Well its too early for me to reflect on my experiences with what the book says but it has something to do with the law of attraction and so far it does make sense.

Its barely been a month but I miss a lot of things in the US already. I miss my brother, sis in law and most especially my niece Lia. I could just imagine what she can do now she is 5 months. Its too bad I cannot be there when she starts feeding thats the fun part of infancy aside from the walking and stuff. I just wish to see her soon.

I hope I get to accomplish more soon… I definitely cannot stand being idle and just slacking off its not me.

Finally I Got A Laptop

It is so convenient to have a laptop. Well its not really the top of the line ones but its functional and its on the new Windows Operating System which is pretty cool. I shall set my eye on getting a high end one when I get a job.

I am thankful that I manage to get through college using a desktop PC those were good memories :)

I am just enjoying this thing and all the more I have become a gadget freak hehehe…

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My NCLEX-RN Experience

It has been 3 weeks since I last took my NCLEX-RN Exam and up until now I am in a state of shock and awe. I am very fortunate and happy that I have made it since this is a big accomplishment for me and at least now after dweliing and thinking about this exam for the past 4 years ever since I went to college I can finally say that I am done that a big weight is finally off my shoulder.

I have a lot of reservation in making an entry about this because every one who will actually take it will have an individual experience with the exam. But if I can help or inspire someone with what I went through then I am all up for it.

I went to the US last February to take my exam and for other personal reasons. But for the big part of it the aim of my trip was really to be able to take the NCLEX-RN and pass.

You have to consider the environment of the place you are staying because it will take some getting used to. Also the time difference if there would be any you can give it a week before you can be truly adjusted. Do not forget the weather I mean we are a tropical country so more often than not a cold weather will take some getting used to. I had my share of jetlag only feeling sleepy around 5am in San Francisco and I loved the cold weather but you can only take so much of it and you would appreciate the use of thermal clothes and comforters.

In terms of study habits for most who take the exam outside the country stay for less than a week so more or less when you leave for the exam you are already prepared. In my case it was different since I had a month before I took my exam so I had time to review still. Most of my review materials I bought it there since books are heavy and bulky. And prior to leaving I already enrolled in review centers which are naturally cheaper as compared to enrolling abroad.

Assessing your readiness for the exam is hard and I think this is the hardest part. If there was one thing I could have corrected with my experience it would be this part. You have to be honest with yourself and truly ask yourself are you ready to take this exam? Its not enough to be equipped with the knowledge there is a lot more stuff involved with this than just being mentally ready.

I still took review classes in the US and it was not cheap especially for just a 4 day course but it was worth it because I was able to see the American perspective or approach with the questions and basically their way of learning. I have to say it was very different from ours they were very direct to the point and it was fast paced. Personally, learning this was very crucial for me since the NCLEX-RN questions were similar to this.

They say that once you made it through the local boards (PNLE) the NCLEX-RN would be easier and I disagree. Maybe the reason why they say this is because the NCLEX-RN is based on books and facts which is true but the NCLEX-RN requires higher form of thinking which includes Analysis and Application. All I can say is never underestimate the exam and be prepared to sit there for six hours answering 265 questions.

Don’t freak out if you sit on the exam and you’re computer doesn’t shut down after answering 75 questions. Don’t track down how many questions you have answered remember it’s NOT the QUANTITY but the QUALITY of your answers. As long as the computer gives you questions be HAPPY that means its giving you the opportunity to pass. The harder the question the better.

These are the things that I could think of for now. I have a lot of making up to do in terms of my duties in PinoyBSN. For those people who have questions feel free to post and I would try to answer them as soon as I can. Let me know if you have topics that you would want me to discuss in terms of application, about the exam etc.

Take care everyone and God bless!

I Finally Made It

Such a good feeling that I already passed this exam. It took a lot out of me to get through this exam but it was all worth it. There is no doubt that its a difficult exam especially me being able to consume the alloted 6 hours… I am just glad that its all over and my dreams is turning in to reality :)

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