Wish List 2007

Every year I make a wish list of things I want to have. This gives me the motivation to work a little harder and set my eye on the prize.


As you all know I am kinda hooked on my Nintendo DS Onyx ever since I got back from the US. When I bought it prior to leaving the US I was feeling ambivalent about it since it was kind of pricey in my standards considering I was not working just yet. Nonetheless my brother convinced me to get it and now with the 3 games I have for it it really is a good past time and my free time is absolutely consumed by it. Now this game is currently released in the US and its just so cute so I hope to have it really soon since I am kind of getting tired of playing Harvest Moon, Diner Dash and Cake Mania (i know these are lame games but I really don’t want to exert that much effort in thinking when playing games… sometimes I feel like I have a brain of a 10 year old when it comes to playing games)


Now I have a 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle and I have been using it for the past 8 months or so and its been pretty handy especially when you are at the gym because you just clip it anywhere and you are good to go. The only problem I have with it is that its very limited since it can only hold up to 250 songs and I miss having Playlists (I also used to have an iPod mini).

I am actually confused on whether or not I want a Nano or the Classic. The 1st and 2nd Generation Nano I wasn’t much a fan of it since I thought it was too slim and I was thinking I could break it easily. I have this thing for bulky gadgets not lke super big but atleast reasonable enough to be considered handheld (this seems confusing but there are gadgets that are exagerratedly small) and with the 3rd generation iPod nano the size seems to be reasonable enough and 2000 songs not that bad either.

As for the iPod Classic I fell in love with it when I saw an actual one. The size of it seems okay and it goes well with my other gadgets. So I am still leaning towards this and for an additional $50 its not so bad that you get an 80gb iPod as compared to the Nano that is $200 with 8gb.


Mine is pretty obsolete but still functional. The megapixel is as good as the one in my camera phone so I need to go for something better. I mean it still takes great pictures but in time I would have to change it sooner or later.

So far these are the things that I want on my wish list and in time especially when my future is set I will be able to get them.