My New Dream Car

Okay my dad got an old version of the Rav 4 a few months back and well ever since I have always wanted a SUV or an AUV and I told myself that if ever I will get one it would be the new Rav 4.

I first started liking it because of the car that we have since the performance is good. And then its a high car so I can see the road clearly. I also like the fact that its big.

Hopefully, once I get my life going I would be able to afford one. I was first leaning on the color white since it just looked so elegant but then me and my dad were talking that in a few years time the color might turn yellowish and its going to be hard to maintain since white is white. So now, I really dig the silver color its so nice. I could just imagine having the 2008 Rav4 with an all black interior and a silver paint gosh its so nice plus the fact that my brother and his family can use it as an alternate vehicle sounds good to me. My niece’s carseat can fit perfectly there.

Me and my dad are kind of loyal to Toyota… I guess thats how its going to be for a long time.

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