Stagnant Life

I need to get a good job and get my life rolling… life has been good to me but I cannot be mediocre and just be like this. I have dreams, ambitions I want to fulfill and those things will happen when I get a good job.

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Miss Them A Lot

Its been a few months since I last saw them I know this might seem exagerrated but its difficult to think about this when you are worlds apart. I do keep in touch with them constantly but its different it just seems like there is no emotion, miscommunication takes place… its very hard. I also miss taking care of my niece she is so adorable.

I just hope I get the opportunity of seeing them again soon. I don’t know when but I hope its going to be soon.

Helping Colleagues

I don’t know if its inborn or what but I do find satisfaction in trying to help out people. Its obviously not a bad thing and I enjoy doing it. I cannot stay put in one place and not doing anything… I just always try and find something to do.

So now I am contributing to my brother’s website about nursing stuff since many filipinos like me want to take a chance abroad. And I think many people are kind of clueless about these measures and I just want to be able to help them out. I know I had a difficult time and still am so being able to alleviate them of these things and make things simpler for them makes me happy.

So for those interested in reading articles go to this site: :)

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I Love This Phone

I got an N95 and I was bummed since there wasn’t a color black which is my thing when it comes to gadgets and stuff… then I found out they were coming out with an 8GB version and its in black and I invested on this… so I saved up and got this phone. Its a good phone and comparing to the N95 it has bigger memory, bigger screen, better keys and better resolution and above everything else good battery life.

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Christmas Approaching, Gadgets and Life Goals

Christmas is nearing and well signs are showing such as increasing traffic (not that its not on regular days), more bazaars, people crowding malls (not that its unusual here too), children caroling and of course the more obvious ones such as lights and designs with christmas motif.


Its been pretty busy these past few months with my mom not around and just me and my dad hanging its been fun all the time. We had our moments but we learn to understand and each others moods. Its a good experience having this chance cause I get to learn a lot on how things work for him and how he goes about stuff in life in general. I also realize that I do have lot in common in him as compared to my mom in which I can say that I think my brother got her genes.

I think its always good to be busy. I still have anxiety over the recently concluded NLE which can I say sucked. Its always been tough for me to take these exams in general since your career and future is always on the line. Then it sucks even more because you passed this exam and then retaking it doesn’t do you any good because it has this percentage of uncertainty. To make things even worse its Christmas season and as much as I want to celebrate fully with my hearts content theres this thought lingering in your head if you make it or not? if you deserve to celebrate or not? You cannot completely move on and you try to do your normal routines but taking these exams has been very disrupting (I think I have very poor coping skills).

The exam wasn’t hard it was pretty basic but it was too basic that in my opinion it isn’t in the scope of the nursing practice. It was too subjective meaning answers can vary from one person to another. One problem I have always found with the NLE is that they have these “targets” they want to out a group but it affects everybody else so in the end it won’t be accurate.

Okay okay enough about the exam since it stresses me out… I will end it at that and just move on with the better stuff in my life.

I posted a WISHLIST here a few months ago and its funny I have achieved most of the stuff there prior to Christmas. Indeed I have so many things to be thankful for. I got a new phone, an iPod and well I haven’t gotten a new camera but my phone makes up for it. So it’s raining gadgets this season for me and my dad.

I have been updating songs to my dad’s iPod Classic and I am a little bit overwhelmed since I don’t know how I can fill up 80GB of songs in there its just too much space its really really crazy. Its so crazy that I had to buy an exernal hard drive to accomodate all the mp3’s we have since its taking up too much space in my laptop.

As for my future life… its still uncertain… right now I am taking it one step at a time so as to not disappoint myself as well. But I will be honest, I want to get on with my life and get the ball rolling.

Hmm what else… well I cannot wait to visit my brother and his family in the US. I am not sure when would be a good time but I am looking forward to playing with my niece again. Obviously she won’t remember me since she was just 6 months old the last time I saw her. She is growing up so fast and well she is just so adorable.

I also pledged to put more efforts to CODED MUSHROOM since helping people has been really one of my life goals. I want to make a difference in this world (yes I know its so cheesy but its true) there’s this different level of satisfaction… I am starting little by little and hopefully in the long run I can turn this in to something bigger and I just admire people who creates positive change… I think it’s pretty amazing.

I will end it here for now since I have tons of stuff to do that I just remembered. Til my next post!