Finally Watched WWE Raw Live

Its funny looking back I wrote about waiting for WWE Raw to come to California and unexpectedly they did one year later and the best thing was it was my birthday. Indeed it was so memorable since I got to watch it with my brother and it was my birthday and it was a live taping of RAW so what more could i ask for right? This was one of the best days of my life… next stop a live WWE PPV or who knows maybe Wrestlemania… woohoo!

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Birthday Coming Up… WWE Monday Night Raw Here I Come!

Its been 2 weeks since I arrived here in the US and I am still adjusting with the time difference (which is a bummer big time) since my eyes are like panda bears since I am not getting enough sleep or if I get to sleep its in the wrong time zone (usually mid morning to the afternoon) thus making me dysfunctional since bulk of the house chores etcetera is done during the day.

Nonetheless, I am enjoying every bit of reality shows (which i truly truly love) since I get to catch up on shows that were not shown in the Philippines or some episodes I missed since they have tons of reruns this time of the year. In addition, I got to see season finale of Grey’s Anatomy and Lost which I thought was really really good.

Aside from that my birthday is coming up next week and I am super excited. I got an early birthday gift from my mom and dad which is a digital camera (woohoo!). I have been wanting one for ages. My old digital camera was an Olympus 3.2 megapixel (talk about obsolete) mind you though its still perfectly functioning but the quality of the pictures is not as great and the cameras in my cellphones even surpassed the quality of my old camera. I was convinced prior to being here in the US that I would invest on one to be able to freely take pictures and not rely on other people’s camera. So getting one came at the right time.

My new camera the Canon Power Shot SD870 IS. I love the big screen and its easy access preview function (since a lot of good cameras don’t have that).

Another awesome birthday gift I got from my Kuya and Sister In Law are WWE RAW Live tickets. I have to admit I was kind of having a hunch already about this probably due to the fact that my brother is not the best liar (hehehe). Its always been a dream of mine to watch them live but whenever I was here their schedules was nowhere near the Northern California area. What’s even cooler was its a Monday Night Raw Taping so you’ll know it will be a good show and its on my actual birthday (woohoo!). So this will be a first celebrating my birthday watching wrestling. Finally I get to see John Cena and the rest of the Raw roster in person. On Monday’s show it will kick of McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania so this show will be truly awesome.

This picture was taken in V-Mall (my brother and sis in law dared me to do this). It would be a stretch to meet John Cena in person so this is probably the closest I’ll ever get (hehe) I am so excited to watch Monday Night Raw.

I shall tell you more on my Monday Night Raw experience as it happens. Surely a lot of pictures will be taken and shown in this blog.

My 22nd birthday hasn’t arrived yet and surprises have been popping out already. At this point I am overwhelmed already and I am looking forward to even more greater things in the future.