Madagscar 3: I Like To Move It Move It!

For some strange reason I hold affinity with this movie. It was the first movie I watched when I visited America so that was special and what even made it more special is I fell asleep watching it and I greatly attribute that to jetlag.

Surprisingly the 2nd movie I also watched it in the big screen back in Manila. I did not quite like it thus my reservations in watching the 3rd installment. But thanks to my twitter friends who were saying good things about the movie I was able to convince my friend to watch it with me. Heck we even did rock, paper and scissors minutes before buying tickets whether to watch Rock of Ages vs. Madagascar 3. I won!

I just wanted to let out a good laugh for the reason I do not know. Maybe because Jamie left for Aussie or my nerves are getting the best of me at work and maybe its my hormones… yes it is that time of the month again.

Thank god the movie did not let me down. I actually had an awesome time watching it and I did not fall asleep. I’ve always gauged a movie if it was funny when I could not contain my laughter like I felt like I was the only one in the movie theater or as if I was just watching at home. I had a few of those moments which was ridiculously humiliating but what can I do I love a good laugh.

Mort the Lemur was such a scene stealer as well as Stefano the Sea Lion. Those were the 2 characters I fell in love with in the movie.

Also the “Afro Circus” was magical. I didn’t expect it to be that visually appealing plus the song used for the scene was spot on :)

I actually loved the message of the movie thus me posting this entry. It teaches about following your passion and not living in a “zoo”. Alex (the lead character, the lion) was dead set on getting back to NYC zoo which was his home… but then he gets to experience new things and be with different animals by the time he got back to his home he realizes how much he misses them and how much fun he had with the people he became friends with.

I hope to be more like Alex. Sometimes taking risks and going out of your comfort zone can be rewarding and surprisingly you get to discover something about yourself you never knew existed. It’s daunting trying to think about it but I will try my best to not live in zoo and be a firework!

Photo credits to: Dreamworks

I Will Miss You Jamie!

When I learned that Jamie was leaving for Australia this is what I tweeted: 
amazing bonding day w/ @lilrosey04 not seeing u for 3 mos was tough then 1yr was a challenge & now 2-3yrs let’s see how this goes pbct!
6/17/12 12:20 AM

I still feel this way but more than that I am happy for her. She has been thinking about this for a year now and I am glad its finally materializing. A new place and new challenges means more opportunity to grow… and more importantly INDEPENDENCE! (i mean this in a good way!)
Thank you so much for a wonderful year of hanging out, events and food trips. It was one heck of a year I think… its like we compensated for the year we did not see each other the last time you were in Broome but it was so worth it!
Food… Glorious Food! thanks for sharing the calories with me!
I do not think I can find another person whom I can relate to in almost all levels from boy bands to career plans and dream houses. I can basically talk to her about anything. Thank God for the Internet that it makes communication a lot easier and it makes us feel we are not oceans apart… it is the time difference that would be the deal breaker though… is there any for Adelaide?
Things like this make us laugh and were not afraid to admit it LOL!
I think we have it all covered from Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, FaceTime and then Viber plus the email for more personal stuff. Yup, I think we do have it covered… so Jamie I am just a Wall Post, Tweet, iMessage, Video Call, SMS and an Internet call away. 
Our MacBooks Violet and Tate together their VioTate next will be matching phones Frick and Frack :)
Always keep in mind 2012 will be our year! Its already starting for you so there is no way but to move forward after a pretty terrible end of 2011 career wise. Hopefully in the coming months things will be better for me as well.
Let us do another trip! This was way too fun getting lost in SFO!
The cherry on top the NKOTBSB concert I just had a blast watching it with you. Thank you again for coming it would not have been the same without you. I would have looked stupid shouting, screaming and singing along with their songs on my own. Plus, all of those songs have so much meaning to me because all of those things are connected to our teeny bopper years. The next concert of Backstreet Boys we will try our best to do it internationally and we will do a meet and greet. Also a BSB cruise is in line I do not know how we will do it but we will find a way! 
Thanks to a wonderful evening of NKOTBSB!

Nobody will be able to fully understand our dynamic but it works… it works so well. From the nicknames, inside jokes and just by giving eye contacts we sort of know what each other means. I will truly miss you Jamie have a safe trip tomorrow!
Our first attempt of a #booomb video and no one will ever unearth the Cheeto Bomb!
Thanks again and looking forward to more laugh trips, adventures with you! Oh thanks for introducing me to One Direction now I am hooked to their songs LOL! Love you sis! PAK BOOM CHIRP TINK! (only the 2 of us will get this haha)

Thrilla in Manila: NKOTBSB Style!

I feel like I need to get this out of my system. It has been more than a week since I saw the show and I think I am suffering from post concert hang over (if such thing exist). I still listen to my NKOTBSB playlist, which I specifically made to pump me up for the show and until now for some strange reason it still gives me vivid flashbacks of the show. It didn’t help that I also saw a link to their 02 Arena show thus giving me access to the show 24/7 (but I’ve only watched it once in full so that isn’t as bad right?). I try to drown my ears with my other playlists but I end up using my NKOTBSB Playlist. So I shall let it all out in this post everything I felt about the show.

When Jamie & I found out they were having a ONE NIGHT show here in Manila we were ecstatic. We discussed on whether or not to go since we saw The Backstreet Boys when they went here for their THIS IS US Tour and we got really good seats for a decent price. We were concerned for the ticket prices although still unannounced we had our reservations since it Mall of Asia arena was a new venue plus the previous concert held there had ridiculous ticket prices.

We waited and waited until tickets were released Jamie SMS me about it so after my duty at the hospital I went straight to buy tickets. We agreed on a price ceiling since and got tickets closest to the price range we agreed upon. The part that I hated most about this whole experience is 3 days before the show; tickets went on sale at 50% off in different site such as Metrodeal, Ensogo etc. I was in disbelief upon knowing this, my heart dropped and I really wanted to cry. The drawback from this is you cannot choose a seat BUT still we felt we got ripped off. It seemed like buying tickets early was a mistake instead of a blessing. We just got so used to the fact that whenever there are concerts you need to be first to get good seats… apparently this wasn’t the case.

Contests were popping out of as the days of the show were nearing. One was VIP ticket that we didn’t have any chance of winning since most of Jamie’s memorabilia were destroyed during past typhoons (but I am glad she is safe and sound). And then there were this meet and greet passes and we didn’t have much time to make a video of us lip syncing a BSB song I mean we had creative ideas but time wasn’t on our side. But in the spirit of joining we made our own videos, which will never be unearthed ever again… and we mean ever ever again! We suddenly realized how hard must have been to create an actual MV since we did feel stupid facing a camera and just singing on our own. But we had fun we will give you that!
It took a while before concert doors were open a little bit disorganized I should say and we have no idea why we even lined up when we had reserved seating. Good thing there was a nearby Starbucks so we killed a lot of time there waiting for concert doors to open. Even Jordan Knight found it fascinating that there was a Starbucks in the arena :)
The arena looks impressive and seeing the stage for the first time I was in awe. I knew it was going to be a full stage when I saw the seat plan so for that I was excited (and with that I wish I got closer seats). Add the screens and the lights it was even more amazing so prior to the start of the show I know I will have a good time.
The show starts and the rest was history…
First time seeing New Kids on the Block perform live. I’ve always heard about them since my sister in law was a big fan. I remember her being ecstatic when they reunited around 2008 and I sort of knew some of their older songs. But low and behold didn’t quite realize that they were more sensual and showed a lot of skin on the show (calling Donnie… and those 6 packs!)
And of course it was my 1st time being introduced to the Cr*tch Cam (I didn’t know such thing existed!) and every time I took a glance at the screen there it was.
They looked good! Jordan Knight was a sight in white. Plus he seemed to be having a good time at the show (he’s known to be shy and mysterious). Favorite NKOTB performance Hang Tough cause it just got the crowd on their feet also Right Stuff.
Now off to BSB I am a 90’s kid so I will admit I got to relate more on the BSB performances without a doubt since I knew their songs by heart. Now obviously the BSB are a lot more “TAMED” but still a ball of energy and had the right amount of goofiness to their performances.
Highlight of my night seeing them perform GET DOWN and then including the PARTY ROCK SHUFFLE. I just have this hold on that song and I went out of my way to learn how to shuffle. So I just went crazy on that number.
The serenading made everyone crazy when they sang I’ll Never Break Your Heart it didn’t help that Nick picked a very pretty girl (insert jealous mode ON lol) he was just super flirty which made it more enjoyable to watch.
Of course the medley of BSB slow songs made me weak in the knees. It was just great hearing them live again and fans singing out to their songs as well. Oooh btw, I loved their bright colored costumes its FUNKY and seeing Brian in that BRIGHT PINK COAT AND SHOES not every one can pull that off and he did it so effortlessly.
And of course when NKOTB and BSB became NKOTBSB that was always awesome! Like what they say its like a marriage of 2 boy bands and it was something I looked forward too. When they performed Don’t Turn Out The Lights I was impressed. When I first heard that song on Dancing With The Stars I wasn’t quite feeling it but seriously after the show its all I listen to its so crazy!
Loved that they wore Adidas Philippine Jackets thought that was a nice touch. Although they did it in all countries they performed I thought it was pretty cool. Also it was so heart warming that the Philippines was the last stop for the whole tour so that made the night even more special. I felt like they were giving everything they had although I assume they always performed that every show was their last night.
All in all it was a magical show and I am glad I got the chance to watch it. Now my inner fan girl has been unleashed once again and it seems like it will take more than just a month to truly get this out of my system or maybe not right Jamie? The best part of everything is I got to spend it with my best friend despite some of our frustrations it made. Jamie thanks for coming it would have been weird watching it by myself no actually it would have been horrible. But I kind of hate coming to a BSB show cause every time after you leave and go someplace else for a long time. Thanks again Jamie/Frack/Mustasa/Violet/Egg White (ok this sounds weird but we just have a lot of pet names we call each other).
Oh before I forget, thank you NKOTB and BSB for giving us very fond memories :) Until our next meeting? A meet and greet or the NKOTB or BSB cruise perhaps? (Calling Jamie!) Lol!
Photos credits to: Ovation Productions, ML Photography and Joanie & Jamie :)

Red Velvet Theme

Yay! I finally found a theme that I super liked. I was originally looking for a Pink Theme but didn’t find any that I truly liked and came across this Buttercream theme. It has 2 of my favorite things Red Velvet and Cupcakes. So I might stick with this theme so please bear with me… next post is about the NKOTBSB experience so watch out for that!

My Birthday Weekend (Hands In The Ayer!)

I promised myself that I will post as much as I can on my new site. Although design is still pending (calling John Glen… no pressure!) I might as well keep these posts rolling!


I actually started my birthday with a BANG by watching the NKOTBSB Concert here in Manila. Purchased tickets the moment they went on SALE and apparently that was a wrong decision (which I will not expound anymore since its been done). Nonetheless I had an amazing time. I went to that show not having any expectations whatsoever and I ended up being blown away and having an awesome time.


Thrilla in Manila: NKOTBSB Style!

First time seeing NKOTB perform live and they were quite impressive and entertaining. Oh my gosh the c**tch cam did not see that coming at all (but I think all NKOTB fans are quite aware of that). All I can say they looked good even for a bunch of guys in their 40’s.

Looking good guys!

Second time seeing BSB live which I am very fortunate since I truly enjoyed their This Is Us show. And well I am glad to see them again and do a different rendition of their hits. And it was so worth it seeing them perform “Get Down” (highlight of my night) and their rendition of shuffling (since I so love that dance).

Everyday I'm Shuffling! Totally made my night!

Special thanks to Jamie for coming to this show with me I don’t think I would have watched it without you around. Jamie is a bigger BSB fan than I am and I have to say she was the one who introduced me into the boy band craze. And because of that we became more close and then now were truly inseparable. So thank you thank you and more thank you! Oh and thank you for letting me have a sleepover at your place that was fun I got to catch up with MV’s and had a good laugh with that next K-Pop star show (remember the pelvic dance? LOL!) I could truly picture us living in one roof and it would be hilarious! All we need is a comfy couch, a big TV, internet and oh that ref that Brian of BSB has… that’s an awesome ref it can do all of these things mentioned above (i think?)… so if we do have that ref we just need a couch LOL.

I shall make a separate post on this event as I am still suffering from Post Concert Hangover… its been a week since the show… but I am still hung over!


And then… I also celebrated birthday lunch with colleagues on my last day before my 10 day leave. That was extra fun as well. To Kate, Angel, Nic and Sophie thanks for the chill conversations and those Slurpee Coke and Royal shots which lead to BRAIN FREEZE we should do it more intensely next time :) Although my work gives me anxiety attacks I would not trade it for the world I have to admit I am on my 2nd day of leave and I am starting to miss it! Thank you OGC peeps for making work a whole lot of fun!


Oh I cut my hair… nothing too drastic but after a year or so finally I cut off 5 inches of my hair. Its very liberating and more importantly my head feels lighter… a lot lighter :) Still thinking if I should get a hair color… Katy Perry-ish? … NOT! We will see :)


My mom smothered me with kisses it was the best feeling ever. She just gives the tightest hugs and you just get the feeling that she will always be there for you no matter what. She means the world to me and…


Sweetest thing ever my dad surprised me on my birthday eve. I just did not see it coming (duh! that is why it is a surprise) but you know what I mean… I arrived home from helping my mom check the shops and it was already past my birthday eve and he was there waiting for us in the couch watching TV. I went to change and the doorbell rings and I answered the door and there it was: SHAKEYS! I was so clueless that I had to ask him what he brought before I could put the clues together that my dad planned all of it! There is no doubt that he loves me a lot I know that every minute of everyday but he is not one to make an effort and surprise somebody. So when he did this I was really happy cause usually I am the one who keeps on planning surprises for him.

It's the little things that count!

On my actual birthday it was pretty laid back… spent most of the time at home… chatting with Jamie and exchanging YouTube links which was entertaining. Then we had family dinner at this new restaurant called Elias at The Fort. They specialize in Filipino Food and their menu was quite entertaining. But prior to reaching this place we had to go around 2 blocks since my dad suggested this restaurant and we ended up not going cause the sign says CLOSED and it looked way too formal. Good thing I bought Jamba Juice prior to walking or else we would have been famished by the time we got to a restaurant of our liking.

Yummy Filipino Dishes NomNom!

Oh after dinner, finally I got to eat a slice of Red Velvet Cake… I have been craving it for 3 months or so but I was trying to resist temptation. Since it was my birthday I thought I could reward myself with it and a cup of Joe. It was the perfect way to end the night. Oh that cake was hella expensive but I am glad it did satisfy my taste buds.

Red Velvet (my favorite cake) and a cup of coffee (favorite drink)

I am so thankful for the week it has been so thank you to everyone who made it uber special. Now I have more things planned now that I am officially 26. Looking forward to more adventures this year!