All About Grey: Twitchy Palm, Laters Baby and Mr. Grey

YES I have finally succumbed to the 50 Shades Fever. I have actually heard of the book from friends and had reservations reading it because of its very sexual nature. A friend of mine showed excerpts of the book from her iBook and just by reading a few lines from it made my eyes as big as an owl’s. With a warning she even told me it might not be the book for me cause it might be too much for my taste. 

She was right I had hesitations and even downloaded a sample of the book via the Kindle App and of course the sample gave me the first 2 chapters of the book and it wasn’t as bad thus I purchased the book. I spoke too soon and found myself trapped in a world in which I never knew existed. Detail after detail it just scared the hell out of me.

I liked the book when it involved normal conversations, arguments and I actually found moments of happiness and sadness for both characters… I just end up skimming through the detailed BDSM parts of the book.

I think the BDSM sets the tone for the story in its own weird way… and I think that is why people are responding to the book because its a different perspective. Although I see a Bella- Edward relationship (which later on I found out what inspired the novel).

Halfway through the first book I was decided that I was just going to finish the book and not read the next 2 books. But at the end of book 1 it just left me hanging and I had to find out what happened to Anastasia… I was in so much shock that I could not, not know what happens next… it was so weird in an impulsive move I bought the Fifty Shades Darker in an instant (I honestly do not know what happened in that moment… I got so attached to both characters).

Then the story gets better on the 2nd book… in fact I think its my favorite book in the trilogy. There is less BDSM and more of the story between Grey and Steele. And the 3rd book was a good way to end the trilogy a friend of mine scared the crap out me when she told me that both characters will die (I pictured Romeo and Juliet-ish death scene) and every time there’s a “danger scene” in the book I kind of freaked out about it thinking one of them will die. I think the book had an appropriate ending. I was happy :)

I have never been attached to a book since forever (Harry Potter maybe?… but then again I stopped reading at Book 4). For the most part I identify with Anastasia Steele in a lot of ways. I love her gawky and awkward behavior and her clumsiness (very much me!). I also like how she has this inner persona (like a stronger and confident version of herself… its like the things she can’t say out loud… she says it out loud in her head). Her stubborness (which I am known for) and her ability to question if its not to her liking and well there are other things which I will not divulge. 

And then of course there’s Christian Grey. Lewis did such a great job in making this fictional character into this perfect guy in its entirety. He is indeed every girl’s dream guy. Young, attractive, mysterious and who could forget those piercing eyes oh and I forgot to mention he was hella rich… and I mean ridiculously rich. Then insert the eccentricities and weird lifestyle… the dom/sub relationship… and he is not perfect at all.

I lived in a bubble reading these 3 books in 4 days. It was so addicting by the time I was reading the 2nd book I felt I was in a time warp and I did not want the story to end by the time I was reading the 3rd book since I have grown so fondly of Ana and Grey. I absolutely loved it when they exchanged emails… the snide remarks and hilarious comments from their BlackBerry (I missed my BB because of this) and Apple should consider sponsorship for the movie since they’ve utilized most Apple Devices from the MacBook Pro, iPod and the iPad. Thus words mentioned in the title of my post when mentioned to a 50 Shades fan will give them smiles on their faces (only 50 shades reader will understand them).

I hope the author creates a version of the book in the POV of Grey like the last chapter in the last book. It was so much fun reading what he was thinking when he first laid eyes on Anastasia…

You just leave rooting for Ana and Grey by the end of the book. By all means it is not an ideal relationship but it works for both characters. As the book becomes more popular, movie seems to be in the works and I cannot wait for it to come out and who gets casted… but I shall leave my thoughts for that in another blog entry… 

Laters Baby! 😉

Joan Gillen
A 50 Shades Fan who finally blogged about the book!