Pink Notes: Poem Up and Write On

I know you have been seeing some #poemup hashtags and AVI around Twitterdom today and to be honest this started out from a casual conversation with Mr. Blake and it evolved into something bigger an idea which I think has a great and positive message.

#poemup encourages everyone to write may it be in a form of a poem, essay, short story, fan fiction, letter anything as long as it gets you to write. 

A lot of people take for granted the power of words. It is a great form of release and expression. It stimulates creativity and it is therapeutic. Poetry also has a positive effect on people as we can see with our community on Twitter. We get to interact, share our thoughts and support one another.

I am very fortunate enough to have come across these three ESTEEMED POETS and their words made such a difference in my life. Once in a while I get to talk to them and they have always encouraged me to write. And they do this also for others. So with their help we are doing #poemup.

Its really simple all you have to do is every time you tweet about poems or writings just add the hashtag #poemup and well if you can reblog or share about the initiative then that would be good as well. As long as we get to spread the word, create awareness and encouragement.

The AVIs are additional ways to spread the word and if you want one I’d be more than willing to assist you with it.

To Darwin, Deidre and Beth thank you for your time and help. This is nothing without you guys and you are such an inspiration and I think I say that in behalf of everyone who reads your wonderful prose.

So let’s start to #poemup and write!

Love Lots,

Joan Gillen

Pink Notes: Things About Me

I love to sing… but not in public.

I enjoy dancing… but only on special occasions.

I like listening to almost all types of music.

I will always love some boy bands… yes they were a big part of my teen years.

I people watch… but not in a creepy way.

I love to read novels… I like how I get lost in the emotion and be in a bubble.

I watch a movie almost once a week… its my reward for a good work week.

I enjoy traveling… its an escape, love to experience new culture and take pictures of places.

I’m a gadget geek… I’m a happy little camper every time I get to play with new toys.

I’m always in search of a good cup of coffee… americano to be exact, no sugar and milk.

Not much of a drinker… but I can hold my own.

I have never been drunk (I think).

I want to make a difference… but I do not know how.

I like helping people… it makes me extremely happy.

I hate snakes and any other reptiles for that matter.

I’m scared of heights and thrill rides… it’ll be the death of me!

Scary movies give me nightmares.

I don’t like surprises… I am an anxious person.

I over think a lot… And I am pessimistic.

I worry about my future… more than an average person would spend on a daily basis.

I have never been in love… if it happens it happens type of thing.

I’m a hopeless romantic.

A sentimental dreamer.

I enjoy writing… even if a few people read my thoughts.

I express myself better in writing than in person.

It takes a while for me to warm up to people.

I am awkward.

And I love the world wide web and all its amazing possibilities.

Love Lots,

Joan Gillen

(The girl with the messed up body clock and I am pretty sure I live in a different time zone.)

Random Ramblings: Magnetism

We stand in a room filled with candles
Our shadows against the light
Tension builds the air
As our need for each other grows stronger
The glances from this short distance
Makes our breath shallow but heavy
Filled with lust
As we move closer inch by inch
Magnetism builds even more
I now see your face and its every detail
Your eyes filled with blaze
Burning with desire
Hearts beat faster like drums thumping
Out of control about to explode
I feel his breath touching my skin
Moments away
To that coveted touch
Our hands finally intertwined
The contact electrifies our body
An intensity like no other
Leading to an occurence
I cannot explain further…

(c) from the Random Ramblings of The Adventures of Pink Bonnet Girl

Pink Notes: Frantic Friday

Everyone I know seems to be having a busy Friday work day. I did too. It was crazy. We were like a glass of bottomless iced tea. We just kept on refilling patients.

Rules in the area still applied. As when patients came they came in 3s. One gives birth we just put someone back in. Nonetheless it was a fun and smooth shift.

Tomorrow’s schedule is bonkers! It will be a Round Robin Saturday. We have about 8 minor cases. These minor cases finish in less than 30 minutes (the actual procedure). So by the time the case ends, the room is cleaned and on to the next case. Its going to be hectic but when its done its done. But with the combination of major cases and who knows how many will still be in labor… it will be an exciting duty tomorrow to say the least!

So will it be a steady busy or a busy busy shift? We will see by tomorrow. Oh and well this is also a test post to see if my blog feeds through Goodreads.

Love Lots,

Joan Gillen
(The girl who is excited for work… and making a test post)

Pink Notes: 100th Post

As I have mentioned before I have been AWOL and have been feeling guilty about it. And well its not that I did not want to write but nothing was just coming through for me. I have tons of ramblings in draft cause they remain unfinished. Sad but true.

Today is different, I got to post a new rambling called SMILE. Finally something finished and well everybody who knows me know I write because it elicits an emotion inside of me. That happened today. And that single moment when I sincerely smiled today it blew me away. 
These past few days I have been generally okay but I feel like I was just coasting through everyday. You know how sometimes you do things but you do not have enough moment to feel or take it in. That’s how its been for me. 
And then one Sunday afternoon, I was reading a poem by a friend called HUG (to my friend, please don’t get creeped out if you are reading this). And after reading it genuinely I had a huge smile on my face. Unknowingly, I was staring at my phone reading the post and there it was this big smile and I felt that smile within me. That moment felt so good and I held on to that feeling for the rest of the day.
Before I forget that poem was my 100th post. So hooray! And thats even more reason for me to keep that poem special. And as I write I would like to thank @Literati_Lit and @beth_lehman for the retweets and kind words. You guys are awesome and I have been a silent and lurking fan of both of. Lol. 
To more inspiration and writings!
Love Lots,
Joan Gillen
(The girl who smiled genuinely today)

Random Ramblings: Smile

It takes different forms and sizes.
With a curve of the lips.
Or with a showing of teeth.
It extends from cheek to cheek.
It changes a day, even a mood.
It makes a difference who you give it to.

Simper to a person who looks at you.
Grin to camera when a picture is taken.
Laugh when you have a funny moment.
Smile if there is even not enough reason.

Smile as much as you can.
Cause you will never know who is around the corner.
A lover, admirer or just a friend.
But a smile is a smile.
It can make a day worthwhile.
And turn a frown upside down.

Pink Notes: An Expecting Mother’s Pain

I was deeply moved with things at work today. Pregnancy seems to be one the most natural thing for a woman to experience. Their bodies were designed to endure this occurrence if and when they decide to have a child. But then like everything else complication arises.

For a woman, being a mother is one of the most rewarding role they can have. I saw one mom’s struggle to have that happen. It was a difficult pregnancy trying to control her premature labor.

Random Ramblings: Unfinished

I feel so much pain in my heart.
Like I am about to burst like a bubble.
It used to be full of happiness.
Filled to the brim, overflowing.

I feel so alone in this hurt.
I do not know how to stop and ease the pain.
My mind tries to see hope in this torment.
But my heart only perceives sadness.

Time and space is what you seek
To find the answers to the questions you heed.
I wish to find positivity in this misery.
A moment of clarity is what we both need in this uncertainty.

Only time will tell what the future brings.
In the end we will remain unfinished.