Awesome Weekend, Accomplishing Something & Being A Queen

Up until this very moment I am completely blown away with what happened this weekend. I think this was THE BEST WEEKEND EVER for me so far in my staye here in the US.

Saturday, March 31:

Okay I think people have known that this is my JUDGMENT DAY. It was hard I mean really hard way different from the NLE and every time I answer a question it just gives me a heart attack and not knowing when it will stop or if it will ever stop… this exam is such a pain but on the other hand it just feels good that I got to accomplish this after 4 grueling months of preparing and waiting. I do not know the end result of this but I hope I make it.

Everytime I think about the exam I feel more nervous than ever… I still have that chest pain every time I get the chance to think about the exam of making or not making it… but above everything else I just leave it to HIM, he knows what is good for me.

So after taking the exam I was hungry, exhausted and out of my mind LITERALLY I was telling the blow by blow of things and well I was telling it in a very funny way it was just my way of coping but deep inside I felt a little crappy.

So I sulk my frustrations in FOOD which was always the best way to go… we ate at CHEESECAKE FACTORY (thanks to my brother and sis in law…HEAVEN the food was HEAVEN) this dining experience was the highest form of gluttony that I have ever done (second was what happened the following day hehehe).

And then to digest all this food we went around VALLLEY FAIR which was one of the most beautiful malls I have seen here and its big. We went around and did some window shopping. We are currently in search for Nintendo Wii as it is currently sold out everywhere.

On our way home I was definitely passed out and on to the following day…


Oh yeah this day was THE day for all WWE fans (so that includes me and my bro) and we just planned and prepared everything til the last detail. We got PIZZA and BOOZE and then at home his dad in law made THE BEST RIBS EVER. Finally I got to eat so HUMONGOUS RIBS it was great.

Pretty much our day was occupied in watching WRESTLEMANIA 23 on PayPerView. I would not go much in to detail here since I would be writing another edition of PINK NOTES for this glorious event.

Regarding our bet, my guy won… so PROPS to CENA (you deserve it no matter how the crowd reacted) because I get to be hailed QUEEN every time I enter a room with my brother in it for a WEEK (until April 8, 640PM) its an awesome feeling… hahaha its fun. I don’t know but it was my first PPV here in the US and I was so happy I did not know if the alcohol had something to do with it but it was absolute chaos at the house during the main event… it was hella fun!

And to top it off I won in the WWE Fantasy Salary Cap 9 I beat my brother by 2 points… whew now for this I thank THE GREAT KHALI

It was just a great week… an absolute bliss.

So I end it here and watch out for my PINK NOTES regarding my thoughts on WrestleMania 23…

God bless… Adios Amigos– Pink Bink 😉

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