Beauty: The Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

Okay first beauty product review for my blog and I am just completely blown away by this product. I first heard about this beauty product from another beauty blogger named Michelle Phan. And I did not realise how in demand this product was until I was actually looking for it. I got mine while I was vacationing 600 kilometres away from my hometown. Could you imagine how crazy that was? I almost gave up but when I randomly visited a branch while in Baguio it was there.

Skin Food has been known to incorporate the nutritional value of food to beauty products so you know its good for you. The Black Sugar Mask Wash Off is exactly what the product name is you just put in your freshly cleansed face avoiding the lip and eye area and let it stay for 10-15 minutes before washing with warm water.

The mask looks like pasty sugar granules with vitamins, minerals and other good stuff for your skin. If you have super sensitive skin you can add a little bit of water or toner to soften the granules when it hits your skin.

Skin Food Black Sugar Mask

Black Sugar Mask on Skin

Its best to wash it with warm water cause I feel like it helps to remove the stickiness and just fully completes the process. I love how it leaves my face feeling really soft and I believe it whitens it too because of the exfoliating factor of the scrub.

I use it twice a week during my night time face rituals I sneak it in there after cleansing or before a bath. Another good thing about this product is that its so easy and convenient to use and the pay off is instant. One thing I noticed though is that my skin tends to be dry after use so you should proceed with your other skin routine afterwards. My skin also became oilier after a couple of days using but that might be from the anti- aging qualities of the product which tends to moisturise the skin. And now I think this is where the other varieties of the product come to play as there is a Strawberry and Honey versions which I have not tried but adding those ingredients to the mix will definitely have something beneficial for your skin. I remember asking one of the sales ladies about the difference of the strawberry from the original one and she said the strawberry works well for oilier skin types and the original one is goof for anti aging.

So I hope that this review helped and I have been using this product once or twice a week for 6 months and I truly notice that the kin on my face has tightened and people are noticing it too. The price is not too expensive and it works but it might take a while to find this product but just be patient cause it is worth it!

You can buy this product by going to this affiliate link: Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Wash Off 100g/Made in Korea

DISCLAIMER: I paid for this product personally for personal use and wanted to share my experience with everyone by using this product.