Press This: Penelope Jones

One of the new members of the Esteemed Poets known as @Penelope_Prose in Twitter has mentioned me in her latest blogpost:

My new Twitter Avi means something...

My new Twitter Avi means something….

Thank you so much my dear. You didn’t have to I was glad I was helping you spread awareness about Breast Cancer and now I understand why it was so close to your heart. The AVI was the least I could do.

Your poems and all of your writings are wonderful… you do have a gift! Thank you also for agreeing to be part of #poemup. Hopefully we can encourage more people to write :)

To everyone… follow her blog and on Twitter… for  the mean time you can reach her as @DaPinkjuju and also use the hashtag #freebadpenny Twitter Jail is being mean so let us help her restore her usual account.

Let’s all aboard the train to #Naughtyville with Ms. Jones… Choo! Choo!

Love Lots,

Joan Gillen

(The girl who is very much touched with this post)