Random Ramblings: The Distance

In a world with millions of people

The universe seems to play around us

Our fate intertwined

Meeting in an unexpected circumstance

I stumbled upon you

The bodies of water are the distance between us

Both on other sides of the globe

We live on the same planet

But it has been quite unforgiving

Day time awaits me

When you are about to sleep

The sun rises amidst the blue skies

While the moon glistens above you

Hot and humid air breezes upon me

While snow falls and tingles your skin

Time and space are our boundaries

But nothing will keep us apart

Our friendship


Interactive conversations

Poetry and writings we share

And the distance

Will forever bind us together

(c) from the Random Ramblings of the Adventures of Pink Bonnet Girl

Random Ramblings: Right Here Waiting

Memories of long time ago

Left you feeling abandoned and alone

The scar still fresh and pounding

Every time it throbs gives you moments of aching

You feel alone and deserted

That you do not seem to matter

Life in a bad cycle

Moments of depression

An avalanche of darkness

Falling into your shoulder

I wish you could see the good in you

How loving, sweet and caring you are

You bring me so much happiness

But every time there is this instance of darkness

It tugs my heart and we keep falling apart

You withdraw from me

You leave me hanging

You turn into this brick wall

I want to be there for you

In that moment of darkness

To hold your hand

And to comfort you

I give you that space for you to mourn

Let out that misery

You have been holding onto for so long

I hope that you find what you are looking for

The moment of clarity

The light in all these blackness

Happiness for the days to come

And when you do…

I will still be right here waiting for you.

(c) from the Random Ramblings from The Adventures of Pink Bonnet Girl

Random Ramblings: Push and Pull

We laid all our cards

No pretentions, no lies

Things vivid and clear

Now shuffled to a big mess

Our cards not dealing our fate

We poured our hearts

Open and freely

Expressing and feeling every emotion

Now were gushing and bleeding

Our hearts out of sync

We have become this vicious cycle

Of lightness and darkness

Happiness and sadness

Laughter and tears

From talking to unbearable silence

A constant push and pull

The tugging of strings

Is this what we have become?

The constant tearing

Breaking each other apart

(c) from the Random Ramblings of The Adventures of Pink Bonnet Girl 

Random Ramblings: Avalanche of Darkness

Descends slowly

Hangs in the air

A feeling of impending doom

Like a never ending rain

Overwhelming filled to the brim

The experience of failure or loss

Clouds the mind

Like an avalanche of darkness

On downward spiral

An inward pain

Creating distance


With deep discouragement

Falling to an abyss of the unknown

Sinking lower

Trying to find light

To this negative cycle

(c) from the Random Ramblings of The Adventures of Pink Bonnet Girl

Random Ramblings: Until Morning Comes

I just want to be with you.

To be in your arms would be wonderful.

My mouth in your neck feeling your soft skin on my lips.

As you give me kisses I breathe on your skin. 

Gently I touch you as I start to feel the warmth embracing us

I kiss you on your mouth and then your neck,

Reaching under your shirt and bra,

Feeling your hard nipples between my fingers…

I give out small moans as you start to feel me.

My breathing becomes slow but heavy…

Wanting to feel every inch and part of you.

Moving down feeling it through the cloth…

You feel my lips wet ready and waiting for you

You lay down on your back, naked, and open your legs wide.

Letting me push it in, into your wet, warm, tight place.

I let out a groan and arch my back with your every push.

I say your name wanting you more deeper inside me…

Deeper and deeper…

Until we come… Together…

You rest your head on to mine as we slowly catch our breath.

You look at me as I smile shyly. My skin flushed and warm.

Then we hold each other until morning comes…

(c) from the Random Ramblings of The Adventures of Pink Bonnet Girl

Random Ramblings: Appreciation

The world is busy as it constantly turns

With no time to think, listen or feel

Always in a hurry

With nothing to spare

But now I choose to stop and breathe

To smell the roses, to feel the breeze, to savor the moment

And to listen to people

Today I appreciate


Esteemed Poets



We do not see each other

But with words we bond together

I cherish each and everyone of you

As you mean the world to me

They have build me up

Enhanced my creativity

They made me see the real me

Now I say to you

A word of encouragement

You are cared for, noticed and important

Find that spark that ignites the light

To find your voice and to speak your mind

To write a poem or to say a line.

Because for today I appreciate.


(c) From The Random Ramblings of The Adventures of Pink Bonnet Girl

Random Ramblings: Figment

We give each other long intense kisses

You go down to my neck and give me short sweet kisses

As I breathe on your skin

You touch me underneath my clothes

Caressing the small of my back

Slowly you unravel my clothes and everything beneath it

As we continue…

You give me those sweet kisses

I caress the skin underneath your shirt and slowly take it off

You start playing with my breasts making them hard

Then you touch my lips below and feel them wet

I felt the bulge and pull it out

I beg for you to slip it in

With slow gentle strokes

You hear me grasp and moan

Make your moves steady

And then faster as you hit the right spot

I press my fingers nails on your back

As I say your name under my breath

My stomach starts to flutter

As you try to reach in further

(c) from the Random Ramblings of The Pink Bonnet Girl

Random Ramblings: Hope In Love

There will come a time

Wherein I can be with someone

Who will love me unconditionally

With no exceptions and conditions

Love that will stand the test of time

Love that has no boundaries

Love that is simple but meaningful

Love that has perspective

(c) From the Random Ramblings of The Adventures of Pink Bonnet Girl

Guest Ramblings: The Real Me

Hey Everyone!

I got another poem but this time it was sent anonymously. I am so moved by the positivity of #poemup and I hope it continues. I asked permission and he/ she agreed to me to post this for everyones reading pleasure. It’s quite a sad poem but I think a lot of people can identify to it.

Whoever you are I hope you get to write more. And I would be more than happy to post them here in the blog.

Love Lots,

Joan Gillen


THE REAL ME by Anonymous

Why do I feel this way?

What’s wrong with me?

Insecure and inadequate

Why can’t you see?

I put on my mask

A happy smile is what I wear

I wonder silently

Does anyone care?

The life of the party

As I flirt, flutter and flee

Behind the fake smile

Do you see the real me?

Guest Ramblings: The One

Hi Everyone,

Hayley has sent me her very first writing and I asked her permission if I can post it and she said yes. She is such an inspiration cause she has been so enthusiastic about the whole #poemup initiative. Thank you so much Hayley we all hope you continue to write and share with us your work.

Love Lots,

Joan Gillen


THE ONE by Hayley (@SummerPanties)

Furtive glances

From under long lashes

Knowing smile

Are you the one?

Drawn to you

Like a moth to flame

Do you feel the same?

Are you the one?

Distance closing

Heart, pulse now pounding

Electricity spiking

Are you the one?

Skin now touching

Rhythmic movement

Tastes sensation

Two become one

Forever holding

Time not moving

Insides glowing

You are the one