Ramblings: Introducing Guest Ramblings

Hi Everyone,

Ever since I started #poemup with the help from the ESTEEMED POETS I have been getting good feedbacks. Thank you everyone! With that, I am starting GUEST RAMBLINGS wherein people who have written can send their works and then I shall publish it in my blog. Hopefully more people will be encouraged to write, find their voice and speak their mind.

For those interested you can send it via DM at my Twitter account or email it at pinkbonnetgirl@gmail.com. Looking forward to seeing more of your writings… #poemup and write on!

Love Lots,

Joan Gillen


Random Ramblings: Magnetism

We stand in a room filled with candles
Our shadows against the light
Tension builds the air
As our need for each other grows stronger
The glances from this short distance
Makes our breath shallow but heavy
Filled with lust
As we move closer inch by inch
Magnetism builds even more
I now see your face and its every detail
Your eyes filled with blaze
Burning with desire
Hearts beat faster like drums thumping
Out of control about to explode
I feel his breath touching my skin
Moments away
To that coveted touch
Our hands finally intertwined
The contact electrifies our body
An intensity like no other
Leading to an occurence
I cannot explain further…

(c) from the Random Ramblings of The Adventures of Pink Bonnet Girl