Its been a while since my last post and oh well I have been busy with a lot of stuff and one of the things I am currently working on is contributing to

Its my brother’s website but now he “re-hashed” it and made it to a writer’s haven since its now a site for aspiring writers who have articles and well for those people who are interested go check out the site.

I personally contribute my own articles about Nursing stuff especially if it involves application for the NCLEX etc.

You can also read articles about sports such as the updates on the UAAP bouts and also wrestling specifically in WWE.

The articles are pretty interesting so if you are in to these things might as well visit the site and leave comments.

I also like the Sunday Six on A Monday since it recaps the highlight of the week in the world of sports and entertainment a pretty cool concept actually.

Hmmm maybe I will have my own segment aside from the Nursing stuff… oh well please help me spread the word about the site. I am pretty proud of this site and we want to go mainstream. For those interested in contributing email or message me.

Take care!

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