Feeling A Little Burned Out

I feel really tired this week and I do not know why. My body aches, my head is throbbing, my eyes wants to sleep its crazy. But then I again I keep on telling myself that there are other people in this house that is more deserving to complain but not me…

My judgment day is about to come in 19 days and everything is just crazy at this point in time. I have to make it and this is a matter of life and death… like what I always tell myself SUCCESS is my ONLY OPTION there are so many people rooting for me and I cannot disappoint them as well.

In a way I think God is testing me how far I would go to be honest there were some circumstances or situations that happened these past few weeks that I did not foresee happening. I thought that after my sister in law’s baby comes out every thing will be back to normal and I could focus on my review this was not the case… so many things happened not that I did not like it because I enjoyed doing it especially taking care of my niece… she is such a cutie pie.

But then again I tell myself that God wouldn’t be putting me in a situation I cannot handle… its been tough especially for me I mean I am the type of person who is other centered… its weird its kind of an automatic thing for me to considerother people especially people who mean so much to me to come first even before my own needs and if I can help I try to help.

Its been crazy every time you decide to start studying there will always be some thing else to do its crazy… really crazy.

I have to admit its been very stressful and I am tired but I cannot be tired since I have work to do still…

I hope I can get over the exam its such a big burden in my chest but then again I want to get over it with the assurance I know I can make it… and I just need time to study and just everything else out… its driving me crazy.

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