Final Reflections Until Judgment Day about Life, Future and My Profession

“Success is not measured by whatever exam you passed or whatever achievement you had. The important things here on earth are the lessons that you learned from those experiences. If you fail it doesn’t mean you’re a failure, maybe God wanted you to exert more so you can be the best RN pretty soon…”

Okay I am like 6 days away from my exam date and I am not so sure if posting in my blog is the right thing to do for now. I actually promised myself that I will write another entry here after my exams but as always things have a funny way of happening and I came across to a friend of mine’s blog who took the NCLEX-RN just recently and the quote that you see in the beginning of my entry actually came from him actually what his proctor told him after taking the exam and well it got me thinking too… so here I am talking to myself again, reflecting on stuff thru my blog.

I finally got to see my testing center last Saturday and that is where everything sank in. My heart was pounding and there was this sudden burst of emotions inside me… it was weird. I was excited and at the same time scared because every time I take these kind of exams I always have the feeling that I want to get over it but not yet because the exam holds such a big weight on my life… these exams basically determine my future and my life.

When I was in college in the Philippines whenever me and my friends talked about our life after school this is what I have always talked about, being a RN, living my dream in the US and basically just having a good life and be able to share it with my family. And now that I am getting there it just seems surreal that I am at this point in my life.

Preparing for this exam was kind of exhausting because it has given me constant challenges most especially in the emotional aspect of things. In my one and half month of stay here in the US I have cried more than the number of times I have shed a tear in the past 2 or 3 years of my life. It is weird America can really get the best out of you. I think my brother was right he was telling me that I was feeling this way because this “phase” I am getting in to is like my passage to adulthood. The time wherein you think about your career and future. Like what my dad always tells me it is one thing to have things planned and its another thing to get things done.

In reference to the quote I posted… I agree that experiences are good teachers and success is not merely measured by accomplishments because I admit I had my fair share of failures but then again you try to learn from those mistakes and you do your best for them not to happen again.

I also think that being a good RN is not merely based on exams but I know these exams are there for a reason because you deal with lives and that of course is not a joke. What I like so much about this profession though is that it constantly challenges you to do your best and you get to face different people from all walks of life. So I think the real challenge of this profession begins after you become a licensed nurse. It’s what you do with that priviledge given to you that is important. To be able to take care of people and create an impact in their lives its the most beautiful feeling one could ever have.

I do hope I make it I have fell in love with this profession as much as it demands a lot from me physically, mentally and emotionally.

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