Great American Bash

My trip here in the US hasn’t really been on my side WWE schedule wise… on my first month of stay here they were in the California area but I couldn’t watch since I had something important to do… and besides the schedules that they had here were kind of far from where I am. And now I find out that a PPV is on its way here in San Jose which is near our place and its frustrating since tickets are HELLA expensive and the scheduled date which is some time in July and I do not know if I would still be in the US by that time… but above everything else ticket prices are too high… oh well it wasn’t meant to be i think… so hopefully by the time I visit America again I get to see either a PPV, Wrestlemania or a Monday Night Raw Taping… and it wouldn’t hurt to also dream meeting my favorite WWE Superstars :)

See more progress on: Watch A WWE PayPerView

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