Guest Ramblings: The One

Hi Everyone,

Hayley has sent me her very first writing and I asked her permission if I can post it and she said yes. She is such an inspiration cause she has been so enthusiastic about the whole #poemup initiative. Thank you so much Hayley we all hope you continue to write and share with us your work.

Love Lots,

Joan Gillen


THE ONEĀ by Hayley (@SummerPanties)

Furtive glances

From under long lashes

Knowing smile

Are you the one?

Drawn to you

Like a moth to flame

Do you feel the same?

Are you the one?

Distance closing

Heart, pulse now pounding

Electricity spiking

Are you the one?

Skin now touching

Rhythmic movement

Tastes sensation

Two become one

Forever holding

Time not moving

Insides glowing

You are the one

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