I Will Miss You Jamie!

When I learned that Jamie was leaving for Australia this is what I tweeted: 
amazing bonding day w/ @lilrosey04 not seeing u for 3 mos was tough then 1yr was a challenge & now 2-3yrs let’s see how this goes pbct!
6/17/12 12:20 AM

I still feel this way but more than that I am happy for her. She has been thinking about this for a year now and I am glad its finally materializing. A new place and new challenges means more opportunity to grow… and more importantly INDEPENDENCE! (i mean this in a good way!)
Thank you so much for a wonderful year of hanging out, events and food trips. It was one heck of a year I think… its like we compensated for the year we did not see each other the last time you were in Broome but it was so worth it!
Food… Glorious Food! thanks for sharing the calories with me!
I do not think I can find another person whom I can relate to in almost all levels from boy bands to career plans and dream houses. I can basically talk to her about anything. Thank God for the Internet that it makes communication a lot easier and it makes us feel we are not oceans apart… it is the time difference that would be the deal breaker though… is there any for Adelaide?
Things like this make us laugh and were not afraid to admit it LOL!
I think we have it all covered from Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, FaceTime and then Viber plus the email for more personal stuff. Yup, I think we do have it covered… so Jamie I am just a Wall Post, Tweet, iMessage, Video Call, SMS and an Internet call away. 
Our MacBooks Violet and Tate together their VioTate next will be matching phones Frick and Frack :)
Always keep in mind 2012 will be our year! Its already starting for you so there is no way but to move forward after a pretty terrible end of 2011 career wise. Hopefully in the coming months things will be better for me as well.
Let us do another trip! This was way too fun getting lost in SFO!
The cherry on top the NKOTBSB concert I just had a blast watching it with you. Thank you again for coming it would not have been the same without you. I would have looked stupid shouting, screaming and singing along with their songs on my own. Plus, all of those songs have so much meaning to me because all of those things are connected to our teeny bopper years. The next concert of Backstreet Boys we will try our best to do it internationally and we will do a meet and greet. Also a BSB cruise is in line I do not know how we will do it but we will find a way! 
Thanks to a wonderful evening of NKOTBSB!

Nobody will be able to fully understand our dynamic but it works… it works so well. From the nicknames, inside jokes and just by giving eye contacts we sort of know what each other means. I will truly miss you Jamie have a safe trip tomorrow!
Our first attempt of a #booomb video and no one will ever unearth the Cheeto Bomb!
Thanks again and looking forward to more laugh trips, adventures with you! Oh thanks for introducing me to One Direction now I am hooked to their songs LOL! Love you sis! PAK BOOM CHIRP TINK! (only the 2 of us will get this haha)

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