Madagscar 3: I Like To Move It Move It!

For some strange reason I hold affinity with this movie. It was the first movie I watched when I visited America so that was special and what even made it more special is I fell asleep watching it and I greatly attribute that to jetlag.

Surprisingly the 2nd movie I also watched it in the big screen back in Manila. I did not quite like it thus my reservations in watching the 3rd installment. But thanks to my twitter friends who were saying good things about the movie I was able to convince my friend to watch it with me. Heck we even did rock, paper and scissors minutes before buying tickets whether to watch Rock of Ages vs. Madagascar 3. I won!

I just wanted to let out a good laugh for the reason I do not know. Maybe because Jamie left for Aussie or my nerves are getting the best of me at work and maybe its my hormones… yes it is that time of the month again.

Thank god the movie did not let me down. I actually had an awesome time watching it and I did not fall asleep. I’ve always gauged a movie if it was funny when I could not contain my laughter like I felt like I was the only one in the movie theater or as if I was just watching at home. I had a few of those moments which was ridiculously humiliating but what can I do I love a good laugh.

Mort the Lemur was such a scene stealer as well as Stefano the Sea Lion. Those were the 2 characters I fell in love with in the movie.

Also the “Afro Circus” was magical. I didn’t expect it to be that visually appealing plus the song used for the scene was spot on :)

I actually loved the message of the movie thus me posting this entry. It teaches about following your passion and not living in a “zoo”. Alex (the lead character, the lion) was dead set on getting back to NYC zoo which was his home… but then he gets to experience new things and be with different animals by the time he got back to his home he realizes how much he misses them and how much fun he had with the people he became friends with.

I hope to be more like Alex. Sometimes taking risks and going out of your comfort zone can be rewarding and surprisingly you get to discover something about yourself you never knew existed. It’s daunting trying to think about it but I will try my best to not live in zoo and be a firework!

Photo credits to: Dreamworks

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