Movie Reel: Hope Springs

I was prepared to watch a rom com movie but this movie made me cry and laugh at the same time. It is definitely a couples movie so if you are in a relationship I think its a movie worth watching with your significant other.

 I think that was the torture part of the movie… it did not help that I was seating at the last row and saw that seats occupied were mostly in pairs with a one seat gap per couple it was ridiculously funny to observe (yes I am that observant its a surprisingly creepy skill I have).

 The movie deals with a married couple who had been together for 31 years and they have lost their connection with their marriage. They coast through life like a routine and just existed. They sought help and eventually made progress with their relationship but still with obstacles.

 It’s such a touching movie finding and rekindling love even after being together for so many years. You have to take a leap of faith with your partner and the willingness to try things even if it seems silly.

Cause even the silliest things can be a prelude to something forward .

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