My Top Gadgets

Me and my brother were on our way to Safeway when he asked me this and then I decided to write about it so I won’t forget and work hard to get it. Actually I am kind of torn since I like PINK a lot but I do not think they look good in all gadgets (see even my Pink fetish has limitations) I think gadget wise I like it in black because it looks sleek and classy… pink gadgets are nice to look at in the beginning but eventually you tend to not like it thats the case for me… exception to the rule is the Nintendo DS Lite since its meant to be cute and its nicer in Pink as compared to the black one… for me :)


Toshiba Satellite
  • I have been wanting one ever since forever… me and my desktop PC at home have a long history of projects and stuff but I graduated that stage already so I think a laptop would do me good as long as it can play decent and various forms of media I would be okay with it and as long as it has a nice screen nothing too small nor too big. And enough hard drive space and fast internet and I am good with it… it won’t hurt if its Windows Vista ready already.


Apple iPod 30GB
  • I have transitioned from one version to the other I started with my iPod mini then eventually switched to the 2nd generation of iPod shuffle which I really liked because its so small and handy. I have yet to wait for whatever added feature comes next… if the video that leaked out re the iPod Video with the interface similar to that of iTunes then I would have to set my eye on that… its so cool.

Digital Camera

Sony DSC T-100 8MP
  • My digi cam is obsolete and well I wanted a thinner one and with a bigger screen and of course megapixel but then again my cam still works wonders for me for now but in the future I would want a smaller and lighter one.

Nintendo DS Lite (Pink)

Nintendo DS Lite (Pink)
  • I am weighing it down between a Pink PSP or this one but then according to my brother I would enjoy a DS Lite more due to the limited ability that I have with games. Most games in DS Lite are the cute ones and well sad to say those are my kind of games. I really really want to try the surgery game and more of those brain games…


Apple iPhone
  • I have to say I enjoy my Nokia N90 phone right now to begin with there is not much people calling me so my phone has not much function (so people interested… call me!… just kidding!) I do not like small phones it just doesn’t work for me I feel like I will have an arthritis especially when sending text messages. I think I am over my phone craze because before I used to change phones every 3 months when I was in the Philippines. But the N90 works for me it has a nice camera and features for a basic phone. But then again if I would upgrade I think I would just wait for the iPhone.


Palm TX
  • I used to own a phone with a PDA and I kind of miss that part since I am a bit (or a lot) of an organize freak so I like everything written down from list of things to do and appointments or schedules it just makes everything easier… and since I swapped that phone I am back to bulky organizers and big calendars which works wonders for me still but a PDA would have been cooler.

Well that’s about it for my top gadgets I still have a long way to go before I can get these stuffs but just setting my eye on the prize… among all the things listed here I think the most important thing to get is a laptop… the others are just basically wants and the laptop is more of a need… so if I were to choose from the 5 I would settle for a laptop and this would be my priority aside from the car once I start earning.

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