Pink Notes: 100th Post

As I have mentioned before I have been AWOL and have been feeling guilty about it. And well its not that I did not want to write but nothing was just coming through for me. I have tons of ramblings in draft cause they remain unfinished. Sad but true.

Today is different, I got to post a new rambling called SMILE. Finally something finished and well everybody who knows me know I write because it elicits an emotion inside of me. That happened today. And that single moment when I sincerely smiled today it blew me away. 
These past few days I have been generally okay but I feel like I was just coasting through everyday. You know how sometimes you do things but you do not have enough moment to feel or take it in. That’s how its been for me. 
And then one Sunday afternoon, I was reading a poem by a friend called HUG (to my friend, please don’t get creeped out if you are reading this). And after reading it genuinely I had a huge smile on my face. Unknowingly, I was staring at my phone reading the post and there it was this big smile and I felt that smile within me. That moment felt so good and I held on to that feeling for the rest of the day.
Before I forget that poem was my 100th post. So hooray! And thats even more reason for me to keep that poem special. And as I write I would like to thank @Literati_Lit and @beth_lehman for the retweets and kind words. You guys are awesome and I have been a silent and lurking fan of both of. Lol. 
To more inspiration and writings!
Love Lots,
Joan Gillen
(The girl who smiled genuinely today)

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