Pink Notes: Blog Inspiration (Warms My Heart!)

I got a tweet early afternoon after work from @MinksBasset saying she got a glimpse of my blog via @DarwinBlake and she thought it was lovely (this made my day with a huge smile on my face).

It warms my heart knowing that someone actually reads my blog more so people from across the globe. Its fascinating!

And hearing this from her made me extra happy:

@joangillen You both inspire me to give it a try…

Reading things such as this makes me ecstatic. I think its the greatest compliment one can receive. 

I started this blog a few years back trying to motivate myself  I needed to vent out and blogging was my release. Its therapeutic just getting thoughts out of your head. Its an added bonus when people get to identify with what you write.
Darwin, thanks for that RT… this would not have been possible without it… thank you!
Minks, I do hope you would give it a try it’ll surprise you how good you’ll feel after a blog post :) And who knows your blog might inspire someone too! If you need help or have questions you know where to contact me :) 
To everyone, thanks for taking time in reading my blog and my random thoughts. Know that it means a lot and inspires me. 
Big hug for everyone! 

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