Pink Notes: Coffee Time With Angel

I am pretty sure that you (Angel) will hate me for posting this but I just thought it was a wonderful afternoon well spent post work. Plus it has been quite some time since we actually talked even though we bump into each other at work. We mostly just have greetings of hi’s and hello’s (which is quite sad actually).

I love talking to you because you have no pre judgments whatsoever. I feel like I can tell you anything (probably only 3 people in the entire world I can do this with). We are total opposites but you push me to do things I would never ever thought of doing.

Remember when we were in Kuala Lumpur you made me ask a complete stranger to borrow his map and look for directions… I would never have done that on my own… you made me do that!

Angel & Me in our Malaysian Adventure and our fondness for egg tarts!

Oh you made me ride a freaking mini roller coaster of sorts at Genting Highlands… I have never cursed so much in my life…. that ride was a complete torture! And because you took a video of it making a complete humiliation of myself I might as well place it here cause I have to admit its a funny video and well its my only proof that I have ridden such a ride.

I miss that trip hopefully in the near future we can do it again! It was so memorable aside from the fact that it was with you its my first and only trip outside the Philippines with a friend.

Thank you for making time for me today. You know how much I value you as a friend and my separation anxiety with you LOL (okay that is an inside joke). You are truly heaven sent! (ok this a cheesy line but I can’t help it I had to do it). Plus thank you for always visiting in my site you are one of the few people I know who does visit and actually read my posts.

It was such a blissful day… until my next blog post!

Love Lots,

Joan Gillen
(A girl who takes a while to warm up to people but values friendship tremendously).

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