Pink Notes: Frantic Friday

Everyone I know seems to be having a busy Friday work day. I did too. It was crazy. We were like a glass of bottomless iced tea. We just kept on refilling patients.

Rules in the area still applied. As when patients came they came in 3s. One gives birth we just put someone back in. Nonetheless it was a fun and smooth shift.

Tomorrow’s schedule is bonkers! It will be a Round Robin Saturday. We have about 8 minor cases. These minor cases finish in less than 30 minutes (the actual procedure). So by the time the case ends, the room is cleaned and on to the next case. Its going to be hectic but when its done its done. But with the combination of major cases and who knows how many will still be in labor… it will be an exciting duty tomorrow to say the least!

So will it be a steady busy or a busy busy shift? We will see by tomorrow. Oh and well this is also a test post to see if my blog feeds through Goodreads.

Love Lots,

Joan Gillen
(The girl who is excited for work… and making a test post)

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