Pink Notes: I Miss Blogging

I have had this website for the longest time and I remember having my own [dot]com was like a teenage dream of mine. So when I finally had a job I finally purchased my own domain and I actually had high hopes for it. True enough, I had found some of the nicest people through Twitter and blogging and its just inspiring how they are so creative with their thought processes, creativity and just putting it out there for the world to see. I got caught up in real life and sadly enough I wilted away from writing. It was a matter of choice between being able to get enough sleep or staying up late and not being able to function well for work.

Also I think I got scared of writing. I became so critical of it. It doesn’t help that you go through an English exam and your lowest grade is writing that was a huge insult for me considering this was probably the most practiced skill I had after being out of the university for 8 years. I did pass those exams but you know you just had high hopes I was expecting that I would be worse at maybe speaking or listening. But then again its formal written English so that is a whole different story.

I am trying to overcome my fear and here I am revisiting my blog. It has been lonely and truthfully this is not how I envision my blog  (does anyone even call it a blog anymore?). So I am tapping my inner teenager when I was visualising what I would do with this. This was supposed to include my adventures in anything and everything I love. I shall document my travels, food trips, shopping find and my love for makeup and maybe I can dabble back to writing and just any of my random and crazy thoughts and who knows I may get to inspire someone.

Its actually very therapeutic to write. I am glad I kept this up and running because this has like my own personal timeline and it reminded me of how much I have grown as person and it reminded me of how I used to be and what I can become.

Keep moving forward…

Pink Bonnet Girl

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