Pink Notes: I Really Want To Sing!

Woke up today thinking I have work. And now I cannot seem to go back to sleep thus this blog entry.

And I felt like singing so I opened my iTunes and sang my heart out. My dad is an amazing singer and I do not know why neither me or my brother got that gene. It is so frustrating… we might have had half of the gene since my brother has the confidence and I have a decent singing voice.

Its just that I am scared of singing out loud and in public. That’s my issue according to my dad and well according to me.

My dad says its never too late and if I wanted to I could… no one can ever stop me from singing. Its all about practice.

I really want to learn how to decently sing I just think that people who can sing can convey so many emotions. They can easily hum their way to a song to any mood. I think that is a great gift.

And I think people who can sing are happy people. They can entertain themselves just by singing a song. I think that’s awesome!

Okay off to singing my heart out and until my next blog post!

Love Lots,

The Frustrated Singer with Severe Stage Fright!

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