Pink Notes: National Poetry Day

I have been AWOL in writing for the past few weeks (insert guilty feeling). But I have been reading a lot of great prose from a lot of friends and they are all so good. And since its National Poetry Day I think it is just fitting to honor them.

I have only met @beth_lehman for a couple of weeks and if I remember correctly she accidentally read one of my writings. She liked it and I was surprised. Little did I know this sweet lady had a talent for prose. Its amazing how she writes its like words flow like a river, streaming and effortless. I rarely respond but know that I read them. I’m a silent fan :)

And of course there is @DarwinBlake. My prince of prose as I call him. His talent for words are just breathtaking its like he pulls out his poems like tricks from his sleeves. His way of writing conjures emotions like magic when you read his work. It makes you smile, inspired and well most of the time flourished 😉 My first writing was inspired by him so he holds a special place in my heart. Thanks for everything Darwin.

I seldom write and usually I do it because I have an emotion I cannot contain or express. Writing gives me that avenue to pour everything without judgement. And well these two lovely people have done that, read my few writings with open minds and know that I appreciate it a lot.

To everyone else who have taken time to read my ramblings. Thank you. To everyone who wants to write… just keep on writing… let the words do the talking!

Happy National Poetry Day!

Love Lots,

Joan Gillen :)
(The girl who likes to write… and is currently looking for a good muse to inspire her)

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