Pink Notes: Relief Packages

We went to the grocery warehouse to canvass and look at items we can use for our relief package. We set on a price of Php 200 per relief pack so we were there going through lanes discussing what is feasible for their everyday survival. We even talked to workers there asking them and their opinions since most of them grew up in provinces similar to those hard hit by the typhoon.

I didn’t really think that a trip to the grocery store would be such an eye opener. I was there standing staring at rows and rows of canned goods with five to six kinds of corned beef choosing which is the best but still with a good value for the money. I just felt so guilty because on a regular day if I wanted corned beef I’d have a specific brand in mind pull it out of the shelf and drop it in the cart.

It makes you wonder the simple everyday things that you decide on became a decision that will depend on someone’s survival. I literally had tears in my eyes at that moment. It overwhelmed me at first but it fueled my desire to help even more. That’s why I’m so passionate about this cause thousands of people are depending on our help.

It’s so nice to see that I go to different grocery stores and see people just like me buying goods for donations… there is still a lot of kindhearted people around doing their part to help our kababayans. There is still faith in humanity.

Php 200.00 ($5) can go a long way it can give a person 2 liters of clean water, 6 packs of noodles, 5 canned goods, variety of biscuits, instant coffee mix, 2 toothbrushes, toothpaste, bar soap and a laundry soap.

Thank you to the generosity of our Rotary Club members and some of my family and friends we have been able to collect a substantial amount for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. With this we would be able to start making our relief packages to be sent to Central Philippines.


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