Pink Notes: Steady Busy and Busy Busy

Work has been “steady busy” which is good cause things occur at a sane and realistic pace and not needing to literally cutting your body into half and doing so many things at once.

I would always go for a “steady busy” than a “busy busy” work day.

“Busy busy” work days are the most terrible because you act like an octopus doing so many things at the same time you have no idea how you got things done but you did it anyways.

I think I’ve practiced the art of “multi tasking” at work its the skill you need to survive the workplace aside from the tough skin (the tough skin after 3.5 years of working is not my strongest suit).

I don’t like to lose the feeling of feelings cause its so important in my line of work. I’d rather get hurt and cry than to not feel anything at all.

Have a good night everybody and cheers to 2 more days of work!

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