Pink Notes: Toxic Thursday

Just woke up coming from night shift (its 1pm here). Saying it was a busy shift was an understatement. Toxic is a term we use when a shift becomes too busy and quite unexpected… its even worse than a busy busy shift.

It was a challenge considering there was only 4 of us running the whole area. I was in charge so my heart was in my throat once again. Time management was key and the power of anticipation was as important.

Had to clean the whole area from end to end and from wall to wall. Prepped patients with povidone. Give due meds and take vital signs. Check instruments. Pull out and set up instruments for the next day cases. Admit patients. It was that crazy.

I felt like an octopus with an energy of the energizer bunny it was that busy. You just kept going and going and going.

I was quite anxious (as always) but fun. It was a good type of nervousness cause it kept me on my toes and I was just glad I got the job done. Considering I’ve been at this for a couple of years I would think I’d get used to these things… everyday is just full of surprises as I encounter different cases and patients. No experience is the same.

Huge sigh left me after endorsements but with a huge grin on my face. Mission accomplished and it was a successful shift! Now I am off to make the best of my 3 day weekend!

Until my next blog post!

Joan Gillen
(The girl on a mission and full of anxiety)

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