Pink Notes: Work Superstitions

I kind of believe that Filipinos are attached to so many superstitions and beliefs. Nothing is quite wrong with it as long as it does not harm anyone.

The same thing goes for my work place we have many of these and they are hilarious but that kind of what makes work fun and entertaining.

  • VANITY RULE. The moment you put makeup during work hours it will be TOXIC. By the end of your shift it will seem like you did not put makeup at all from running around and admitting patients.
  • THE ODD MAN OUT. If you are the one who is singled out the busyness of the shift will be blamed on you. 
  • TRACK RECORDS. There are specific work people that no matter what shift you put them in their TOXIC… if you are on duty with them its bound to be busy.
  • The DIRTY LIVING RULE. If you are the endorsement nurse and it becomes busy most staff would think that you did something the night before which caused the imbalance of patient and nurse ratio the next day.
  • THE RULE OF 8. If its the 8th of any month expect a lot of deliveries/ elective cases. It’s a lucky number.
  • EXTRA FORMS. If you bring out too many blank forms it will be filled up and you will eventually have to refill forms.
  • THEY COME IN 3’s. If you admit a patient it will NEVER be a single patient but they will come in three’s. Always in 3’s. 
These are just some the beliefs we have at work that does not make sense at all but we hold on to it anyways. It actually makes our work load lighter cause we get to blame these rules. In short, we just want to blame it on something or find justification for our busyness. But in reality, our area is just very seasonal and when it rains it pours!
More on the rule of 8 as it nears… until my next blog post!
Love Lots,
Joan Gillen
(The anxious work person… and the girl with the track record for being toxic)

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