Procrastinating, Therapeutic Writing and Pink Notes

I have been trying to prevent myself from posting here because I think and I know I have more important things to do. So even if I want to write something I stop myself since I know I have better things to spend my time on.

But thanks to my adorable brother who gave me this magazine that I read in my extra time like going to the bathroom I have come to realize so many things especially about health and other emotional and psychological matters.

Some articles that I came across which caught my attention was about PROCRASTINATION (which I am guilty of) and an article about WRITING YOUR THOUGHTS (which I am also guilty of and I believe is my best way to convey something).

So here I am again writing. It was mentioned in the article that people who expressed their thoughts through writing perform better. Personally, I think this is true because having my thoughts written just gives me that extra space in my brain to think about other things. Writing in my blog is like my “recycle bin” once I place my thoughts here it gives me that extra space I need for my head for other stuff and its emotionally therapeutic. The 3R’s: REFLECT, RECORD and REALIZE.

PROCRASTINATION… definitely I am guilty of this and I think this developed when I was in college and now it has become a habit which I know should be stopped. At first I thought it was good because it gives me a little stress and that makes me perform better. It might have worked for me when it came to school stuff but I think that now that I am in another phase in my life which involves building a career for myself its a whole new ball game.

The article gave out reasons why we procrastinate they mentioned PERFECTIONISM, EMOTIONAL AVOIDANCE and FEAR and I am guilty of these three things.

I have a habit of wanting to do something perfectly and when I kind of feel that its not as good as I want to be I leave or divert myself and do something else. In reality, I know I cannot always leave something behind and I cannot control everything that comes my way. Change is inevitable.

I have apprehensions about negative emotions (who doesn’t right?) if I could avoid them I would or if I feel them I try to mask them. I just need to face it… life isn’t always on the upside.

Every one has their own set of fears and when you are faced with your fears its paralyzing. I have my superficial fears like heights, horror movies and theme park rides but what is more destructing are the emotional fears because it is somewhat unavoidable you will never know when it will hit you and when it hits you its so damaging.

I just got my fair share of this recently and its too painful that every day I hate myself for it. In the end I think its about owning responsibility, realizing your mistakes, moving on and do better next time around.

So thanks to HEALTH Magazine (March 2007 edition) for the insights and tips. Their magazine is very refreshing and because of it I have learned a lot about myself today.

Time to move on and make the change!

I am deeply sad that I am not able to write a separate entry for my favorite past time but I still have a hang over from yesterday’s Monday Night Raw.

Mad props to CENA and HBK for a great match which me and my brother thinks should have been the REAL WRESTLEMANIA match. It was awesome their match almost covered the 2nd half of the show. It was slow paced but their wrestling techniques were so good and how the match was just made it was a classic so KUDOS to the both of you.

I am sad that CENA lost but I know he will step up for the next PPV and still be THE CHAMP. Oh before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN and well whatever success you have right now you deserve it. Kampai!!!

Oh the internet also has lots of WWE gossips and me and my brother were talking about the Orton Issue of him being kicked out of the European Tour. They said it was because of some stomach virus but then another reason surfaced that he trashed a hotel room and something about being passed out. I do not know which is true but me and my bro had a talk about if Orton really is in trouble who could possibly replace him in the “BIG NINE”. (The Big 9 are the top wrestlers which includes: Cena, Taker, Lashley, Triple H, HBK, Batista, Mysterio, Edge and Orton) and I think Mr. Kennedy (or should I say Mr. Money In The Bank) has the potential… I admit he has the makings of a Stone Cold Steve Austin(The Condemned in theatres on April 27).

Oh well I need to really end this… looking forward to our mini trip for my sis in law’s birthday celebration… finally I can continue my Pink Bonnet Adventures…

Smell ya later… byers and take care!
–Pink Bink 😉

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