Random Ramblings: Appreciation

The world is busy as it constantly turns

With no time to think, listen or feel

Always in a hurry

With nothing to spare

But now I choose to stop and breathe

To smell the roses, to feel the breeze, to savor the moment

And to listen to people

Today I appreciate


Esteemed Poets



We do not see each other

But with words we bond together

I cherish each and everyone of you

As you mean the world to me

They have build me up

Enhanced my creativity

They made me see the real me

Now I say to you

A word of encouragement

You are cared for, noticed and important

Find that spark that ignites the light

To find your voice and to speak your mind

To write a poem or to say a line.

Because for today I appreciate.


(c) From The Random Ramblings of The Adventures of Pink Bonnet Girl

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