Random Ramblings: Right Here Waiting

Memories of long time ago

Left you feeling abandoned and alone

The scar still fresh and pounding

Every time it throbs gives you moments of aching

You feel alone and deserted

That you do not seem to matter

Life in a bad cycle

Moments of depression

An avalanche of darkness

Falling into your shoulder

I wish you could see the good in you

How loving, sweet and caring you are

You bring me so much happiness

But every time there is this instance of darkness

It tugs my heart and we keep falling apart

You withdraw from me

You leave me hanging

You turn into this brick wall

I want to be there for you

In that moment of darkness

To hold your hand

And to comfort you

I give you that space for you to mourn

Let out that misery

You have been holding onto for so long

I hope that you find what you are looking for

The moment of clarity

The light in all these blackness

Happiness for the days to come

And when you do…

I will still be right here waiting for you.

(c) from the Random Ramblings from The Adventures of Pink Bonnet Girl

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