Still finding a job, life’s uncertainties & frustrations

Its been more than 2 years since I graduated and after that I had to endure series of examinations, reviews and study materials to prepare myself for the life and dream that I have always wanted. Its frustrating to see now having successfully done all those things that it still doesn’t get me anywhere. Its even more frustrating when you know you cannot do something about it because you have no control over it.

Don’t get me wrong life has been pretty good to me. But I have come to a point where you feel exhausted constantly thinking about your future and its uncertainty.

I remember my dad telling me that my life’s path is not an easy one just like his. Everything has to be given so much effort and hard work. But because everything was done with so much perseverance I still end up succeeding. It takes time but I eventually get there.

I just hope that things will get better very soon. It is an everyday constant struggle for me to keep the momentum going. And that despite the fact that everything does not seem to be going my way I just have to keep on moving forward.

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