Pink Notes: I’m NOT Perfect

I was privileged enough to be a part of a campaign initiated by my good friend Tammy from The Life of the Live.Love.Laugh Girl called #ImNotPerfect a declaration of embracing imperfection and this could not come in a perfect time. I think that every one has their moments of not feeling pretty enough, not being confident enough, or simply just not doing enough… sad to say nothing is ever enough for anyone.

I cannot help but be critical of myself and let us face it there is always a lot of room for self doubt when you have a low self esteem. They just creep right in and before you know it, it eats you up from the inside. I have been a countless victim of this scenario over and over. I know you should give yourself more credit, you can do it but the truth is it is easier said than done.

I just think that people need that release, that opportunity and chance to acknowledge their imperfections and hardships. It does not make them less of a person for doing so. We are allowed to commit mistakes but the important thing is we learn from it and eventually overcome it. We all deal with it differently and we want to acknowledge our imperfections and sometimes that is all it takes to be able to move forward and get on with our lives.

So here I am declaring my imperfections

I'm NOT Perfect

I’m NOT Perfect

Thank you so much Tammy for such an empowering and therapeutic project. It was such a pleasure to do this project and you made me write again. Cheers to you and to the rest of the lovely lot who has supported this cause.

My Birthday Weekend (Hands In The Ayer!)

I promised myself that I will post as much as I can on my new site. Although design is still pending (calling John Glen… no pressure!) I might as well keep these posts rolling!


I actually started my birthday with a BANG by watching the NKOTBSB Concert here in Manila. Purchased tickets the moment they went on SALE and apparently that was a wrong decision (which I will not expound anymore since its been done). Nonetheless I had an amazing time. I went to that show not having any expectations whatsoever and I ended up being blown away and having an awesome time.


Thrilla in Manila: NKOTBSB Style!

First time seeing NKOTB perform live and they were quite impressive and entertaining. Oh my gosh the c**tch cam did not see that coming at all (but I think all NKOTB fans are quite aware of that). All I can say they looked good even for a bunch of guys in their 40’s.

Looking good guys!

Second time seeing BSB live which I am very fortunate since I truly enjoyed their This Is Us show. And well I am glad to see them again and do a different rendition of their hits. And it was so worth it seeing them perform “Get Down” (highlight of my night) and their rendition of shuffling (since I so love that dance).

Everyday I'm Shuffling! Totally made my night!

Special thanks to Jamie for coming to this show with me I don’t think I would have watched it without you around. Jamie is a bigger BSB fan than I am and I have to say she was the one who introduced me into the boy band craze. And because of that we became more close and then now were truly inseparable. So thank you thank you and more thank you! Oh and thank you for letting me have a sleepover at your place that was fun I got to catch up with MV’s and had a good laugh with that next K-Pop star show (remember the pelvic dance? LOL!) I could truly picture us living in one roof and it would be hilarious! All we need is a comfy couch, a big TV, internet and oh that ref that Brian of BSB has… that’s an awesome ref it can do all of these things mentioned above (i think?)… so if we do have that ref we just need a couch LOL.

I shall make a separate post on this event as I am still suffering from Post Concert Hangover… its been a week since the show… but I am still hung over!


And then… I also celebrated birthday lunch with colleagues on my last day before my 10 day leave. That was extra fun as well. To Kate, Angel, Nic and Sophie thanks for the chill conversations and those Slurpee Coke and Royal shots which lead to BRAIN FREEZE we should do it more intensely next time :) Although my work gives me anxiety attacks I would not trade it for the world I have to admit I am on my 2nd day of leave and I am starting to miss it! Thank you OGC peeps for making work a whole lot of fun!


Oh I cut my hair… nothing too drastic but after a year or so finally I cut off 5 inches of my hair. Its very liberating and more importantly my head feels lighter… a lot lighter :) Still thinking if I should get a hair color… Katy Perry-ish? … NOT! We will see :)


My mom smothered me with kisses it was the best feeling ever. She just gives the tightest hugs and you just get the feeling that she will always be there for you no matter what. She means the world to me and…


Sweetest thing ever my dad surprised me on my birthday eve. I just did not see it coming (duh! that is why it is a surprise) but you know what I mean… I arrived home from helping my mom check the shops and it was already past my birthday eve and he was there waiting for us in the couch watching TV. I went to change and the doorbell rings and I answered the door and there it was: SHAKEYS! I was so clueless that I had to ask him what he brought before I could put the clues together that my dad planned all of it! There is no doubt that he loves me a lot I know that every minute of everyday but he is not one to make an effort and surprise somebody. So when he did this I was really happy cause usually I am the one who keeps on planning surprises for him.

It's the little things that count!

On my actual birthday it was pretty laid back… spent most of the time at home… chatting with Jamie and exchanging YouTube links which was entertaining. Then we had family dinner at this new restaurant called Elias at The Fort. They specialize in Filipino Food and their menu was quite entertaining. But prior to reaching this place we had to go around 2 blocks since my dad suggested this restaurant and we ended up not going cause the sign says CLOSED and it looked way too formal. Good thing I bought Jamba Juice prior to walking or else we would have been famished by the time we got to a restaurant of our liking.

Yummy Filipino Dishes NomNom!

Oh after dinner, finally I got to eat a slice of Red Velvet Cake… I have been craving it for 3 months or so but I was trying to resist temptation. Since it was my birthday I thought I could reward myself with it and a cup of Joe. It was the perfect way to end the night. Oh that cake was hella expensive but I am glad it did satisfy my taste buds.

Red Velvet (my favorite cake) and a cup of coffee (favorite drink)

I am so thankful for the week it has been so thank you to everyone who made it uber special. Now I have more things planned now that I am officially 26. Looking forward to more adventures this year!