Things To Do After My Exam (Revised/ Part 2) & Some stuff about Wrestlemania and Bets

I was super emo in my last post on my reflections in life, career, future and profession and well sometimes when I start posting here I cannot help myself because this is really the best way to go with all of my emotions like what I always say I am not much of a verbal person its hard for me to express my feelings this way. This entry will not take quite long to make since I have to study in like 5- 10 minutes… see I set time limits.
So far plans have been revised the going out thing after my exams still stands though since I got to see Santana Row/ Valley Fair area in San Jose last Friday and oh my gosh I missed the place since I haven’t seen it since the last time I was here and that was almost 2 years ago. It is so beautiful I felt like I was in The Hills or something because the people were hella dressed up and quite honestly I still haven’t catched up to that whole fashion stuff and dress to impress stuff its just not me. Nothing against it because I do admire them but its not just my thing personally. I like the place so much and you know the idea of being able to look around and walk freely.
So we will still eat in Cheesecake Factory, walk around the area and who knows maybe buy a thing or two… but personally just the idea of being able to walk around the mall already makes me happy.
And then on April 1 its like THE DAY for all WWE Fans cause its Wrestlemania and I haven’t seen this PPV for ages already and now I get to see it on PPV which is awesome but its still our dream (my brother and I) to be able to watch one LIVE but I know this will happen in time. (Darn it! we were expecting Vegas to be the venue for Wrestlemania 24 since its nearer in California but it ended up in Orlando… but like what I said it will happen in time).
I know the whole Izzie Stevens is my thing the whole cooking and stuff but at some point I think I will change it I am leaning more towards ordering a HELLA BIG ROUND TABLE PIZZA and a BUCKET of KFC CHICKEN and some FIXINS and some BOOZE and ALCOPOP. (I know its like GLUTTONY… but food is just really a way of coping especially post exams). I think doing things that way would be more fun because then I would be able to savor the Wrestlemania moments.
And to make things even more exciting me and my brother had a bet between the match of Shawn Michaels and John Cena. Of course we have our favorites and yup you got it right of course I have faith in my guy and I hope my gut feel is right that John Cena would retain his championship belt… I just feel that he deserves to win he has been working his ass off… John is an epitome of a great wrestler… never complains and just gets the job done. And my brother feels otherwise that HBK would win do not get me wrong I love HBK and he is like in my Top 5 favorite wrestlers of all time I practically grew up watching that guy but then again I have faith in the Champ.
So on with the bet… courtesy of my sister in law that whoever wins the match for a week we have to greet the “winner” every time he or she enters the room with this phrase: “ALL HAIL KING/ QUEEN (Name)” with emotions and gestures. Trust me with me and my kuya’s antics and humor this is going to be funwin or lose really looking forward to this.
And then another bet is on the works because for the past 10 weeks we have been playing WWE Fantasy wherein every week you have like imaginary USD 30 Million as budget to create your own line up of WWE Superstars in which you think you can give you the most number of points based on the actual shows on the 3 brands every week. Its addicting because you get passionate when you watch its as if USD 30 Million is really on the line (heck I feel like I am Vince McMahon/ Chairman of WWE thinking if the stars I chose were a good investment or not) and you really tend to look forward to the show since you really root for your choices since you also want to do good with the WWE Fantasy Scoring. Of course if you are a hig scorer in the whole league you get prices but on a personal note me and my kuya are not aiming in winning the whole league since the others are just so good… we compete with one another trying to beat each other out strategically and verbally.
He said that for a first timer I am quite good since he has been playing for the past 3 leagues were just happy if we end up with a rank in 3 digits. So now since WWE Fantasy League will end with Wrestlemania 23 whoever gets the highest score will do have to do the bet/ consequence… we are still waiting for what bet it would be but its going to be fun cause I am going to kick his ass off haha… (or maybe not).
I mean right now me and my kuya are already having fun playing rock, paper, scissors (or jack en poy as we call it in the Philippines) in terms of who gets to wash the dishes so far I am doing a great job in winning since I have washed the dishes only once this week… so I am so looking forward to these petty bets (can you see how lame we get).
Cannot wait for April 1 since I have come to terms to myself that this would be the day that I would just put my guard down and at least for a day not worry about the result of my exam and just have fun. And after April 1 I can go back to worrying and thinking about the “what if’s” of my exam.
I am looking forward also to spending time with my niece and to those sleepless nights of changing diapers and feeding in the middle of the night and her finally being able to use her super pretty baby crib. Its going to be fun experiencing those stuff because I have always wanted to have a younger sibling to take care of and now its going to be like that. Its weird cause I feel like I am more of an older sister than an aunt which I hope is a good thing.
Okay time for me to study… adios and now I can really promise to post after my exams.
Pray for me whoever gets to read this for the success of my exams. Kampai!

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