Thrilla in Manila: NKOTBSB Style!

I feel like I need to get this out of my system. It has been more than a week since I saw the show and I think I am suffering from post concert hang over (if such thing exist). I still listen to my NKOTBSB playlist, which I specifically made to pump me up for the show and until now for some strange reason it still gives me vivid flashbacks of the show. It didn’t help that I also saw a link to their 02 Arena show thus giving me access to the show 24/7 (but I’ve only watched it once in full so that isn’t as bad right?). I try to drown my ears with my other playlists but I end up using my NKOTBSB Playlist. So I shall let it all out in this post everything I felt about the show.

When Jamie & I found out they were having a ONE NIGHT show here in Manila we were ecstatic. We discussed on whether or not to go since we saw The Backstreet Boys when they went here for their THIS IS US Tour and we got really good seats for a decent price. We were concerned for the ticket prices although still unannounced we had our reservations since it Mall of Asia arena was a new venue plus the previous concert held there had ridiculous ticket prices.

We waited and waited until tickets were released Jamie SMS me about it so after my duty at the hospital I went straight to buy tickets. We agreed on a price ceiling since and got tickets closest to the price range we agreed upon. The part that I hated most about this whole experience is 3 days before the show; tickets went on sale at 50% off in different site such as Metrodeal, Ensogo etc. I was in disbelief upon knowing this, my heart dropped and I really wanted to cry. The drawback from this is you cannot choose a seat BUT still we felt we got ripped off. It seemed like buying tickets early was a mistake instead of a blessing. We just got so used to the fact that whenever there are concerts you need to be first to get good seats… apparently this wasn’t the case.

Contests were popping out of as the days of the show were nearing. One was VIP ticket that we didn’t have any chance of winning since most of Jamie’s memorabilia were destroyed during past typhoons (but I am glad she is safe and sound). And then there were this meet and greet passes and we didn’t have much time to make a video of us lip syncing a BSB song I mean we had creative ideas but time wasn’t on our side. But in the spirit of joining we made our own videos, which will never be unearthed ever again… and we mean ever ever again! We suddenly realized how hard must have been to create an actual MV since we did feel stupid facing a camera and just singing on our own. But we had fun we will give you that!
It took a while before concert doors were open a little bit disorganized I should say and we have no idea why we even lined up when we had reserved seating. Good thing there was a nearby Starbucks so we killed a lot of time there waiting for concert doors to open. Even Jordan Knight found it fascinating that there was a Starbucks in the arena :)
The arena looks impressive and seeing the stage for the first time I was in awe. I knew it was going to be a full stage when I saw the seat plan so for that I was excited (and with that I wish I got closer seats). Add the screens and the lights it was even more amazing so prior to the start of the show I know I will have a good time.
The show starts and the rest was history…
First time seeing New Kids on the Block perform live. I’ve always heard about them since my sister in law was a big fan. I remember her being ecstatic when they reunited around 2008 and I sort of knew some of their older songs. But low and behold didn’t quite realize that they were more sensual and showed a lot of skin on the show (calling Donnie… and those 6 packs!)
And of course it was my 1st time being introduced to the Cr*tch Cam (I didn’t know such thing existed!) and every time I took a glance at the screen there it was.
They looked good! Jordan Knight was a sight in white. Plus he seemed to be having a good time at the show (he’s known to be shy and mysterious). Favorite NKOTB performance Hang Tough cause it just got the crowd on their feet also Right Stuff.
Now off to BSB I am a 90’s kid so I will admit I got to relate more on the BSB performances without a doubt since I knew their songs by heart. Now obviously the BSB are a lot more “TAMED” but still a ball of energy and had the right amount of goofiness to their performances.
Highlight of my night seeing them perform GET DOWN and then including the PARTY ROCK SHUFFLE. I just have this hold on that song and I went out of my way to learn how to shuffle. So I just went crazy on that number.
The serenading made everyone crazy when they sang I’ll Never Break Your Heart it didn’t help that Nick picked a very pretty girl (insert jealous mode ON lol) he was just super flirty which made it more enjoyable to watch.
Of course the medley of BSB slow songs made me weak in the knees. It was just great hearing them live again and fans singing out to their songs as well. Oooh btw, I loved their bright colored costumes its FUNKY and seeing Brian in that BRIGHT PINK COAT AND SHOES not every one can pull that off and he did it so effortlessly.
And of course when NKOTB and BSB became NKOTBSB that was always awesome! Like what they say its like a marriage of 2 boy bands and it was something I looked forward too. When they performed Don’t Turn Out The Lights I was impressed. When I first heard that song on Dancing With The Stars I wasn’t quite feeling it but seriously after the show its all I listen to its so crazy!
Loved that they wore Adidas Philippine Jackets thought that was a nice touch. Although they did it in all countries they performed I thought it was pretty cool. Also it was so heart warming that the Philippines was the last stop for the whole tour so that made the night even more special. I felt like they were giving everything they had although I assume they always performed that every show was their last night.
All in all it was a magical show and I am glad I got the chance to watch it. Now my inner fan girl has been unleashed once again and it seems like it will take more than just a month to truly get this out of my system or maybe not right Jamie? The best part of everything is I got to spend it with my best friend despite some of our frustrations it made. Jamie thanks for coming it would have been weird watching it by myself no actually it would have been horrible. But I kind of hate coming to a BSB show cause every time after you leave and go someplace else for a long time. Thanks again Jamie/Frack/Mustasa/Violet/Egg White (ok this sounds weird but we just have a lot of pet names we call each other).
Oh before I forget, thank you NKOTB and BSB for giving us very fond memories :) Until our next meeting? A meet and greet or the NKOTB or BSB cruise perhaps? (Calling Jamie!) Lol!
Photos credits to: Ovation Productions, ML Photography and Joanie & Jamie :)

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