Wrestlemania 23

Wrestlemania 23 is of course the event of all events when it comes to the field of Sports Entertainment and as John Cena places it its like the Superbowl of Wrestling. Its been a long time since I last watched Wrestlemania since in the Philippines it was always delayed and it was just recently that we were able to catch up with the WWE shows here in the US. They even developed a strategy wherein we can watch other WWE PPV’s so we go in to a cinema and pay for a ticket and we watch it on the big screen with no commercial breaks with the other WWE fans… that was always awesome and fun… I miss those days since PPV here in America are hella expensive as compared to what I pay in the Philippines.

So now I am here in the US and that is the day after my exam… I will indulge myself to a Round Table Pizza and some alcopop and watch Wrestlemania 23 on PayPerView with my brother. Its the best way to release my anxiety about the exam and atleast for a decent 4 hours or so I can not worry about passing or not and just enjoy watching great sports entertainment and see cute men in tights or shorts (just kidding… (this doesn’t sound so good ewww).

I am so looking forward to this and me and my Kuya have been planning this thing for the longest time the matches are going to be AWESOME can’t wait for Wrestlemania oh yeah!

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